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Stupendously Fun Things to Do With Kids in March!

Spring is here ... kind of! But family fun waits for no season.

Jack Shepherd


Spring is like that one friend who always manages to be later than you expect, even when you’re planning for them to be late. Most acquaintances can’t get away with that type of behavior for too long, but Spring is so sweet and fresh and lovely when she gets here that it’s hard to be mad for long. All of which is very well and good, but we don’t have time for that kind of nonsense when we have kids to entertain, which means we have to make some fun plans for March whether it’s going to be nice out or not. Then when Spring gets here, she can tag along to our carefully curated family events, which will be a nice surprise for everyone. 

Here are some genuinely fun and rewarding things to do with kids this March, no matter what the weather’s like! 

Get Crafty for Women’s History Month


Projects With Kids

Visit your local CAMP store for free crafting to celebrate Women’s History Month all month long! Or the kids can play along at home by trying out some of these Women’s History Month Crafts inspired by notable women. We’ve also got a bunch of fun toys, books, and gift ideas to help them get into the spirit. 

Make Pancakes for Mardi Gras!



March 1 is Mardi Gras, and you don’t have to go to New Orleans to join in the fun! (It does help, though. Not gonna lie to you here.) Start the day off right with some easy pancake recipes that kids can help with, like this one or this one, then once you’re mad with pancake power, you can even try some lunch pancakes and ... heck, you might as well have pancakes for dinner too, now that you’ve come this far. 

Celebrate National Black Women in Jazz and the Arts Day



March 1 is National Black Women in Jazz and the Arts Day, which is kind of a mouthful to say, but it’s easy and fun to celebrate! Dance along to this playlist of the all-time-great women of Jazz, schedule a trip for the kids to CAMP’s jazz-themed Mozart for Munchkins event, then enjoy this lovely Ella Fitzgerald storytime, or check out this truly magical Netflix documentary about Ella's life and music.  

Stage Your Own Oscars


DIY Candy

If you’re excited for the Oscars on March 27 and you’re feeling crafty, you and the kids can make the event extra special with your very own family Oscars before the show! DIY Candy has a fun tutorial on how kids can make their own Oscars statues out of Ken dolls (or whoever you have handy and don’t mind painting gold). Have them make the statues and then give out awards for “Best Performance of an Excuse for Avoiding Chores” and “Most Hilarious Selfie.” 

Go to a Botanical Garden



March is the perfect time to search out a botanical garden near you to check out the newly blooming flowers — living reminders that Spring is really coming. Someday. Soon...ish. If the trip’s a success, you can keep your junior botanists hype for horticulture by making an indoor herb garden of your very own

Celebrate “Turning Red” by Watching Cute Animals!



Pixar’s highly anticipated film about a girl who turns into a giant red panda comes out on March 11. Treat the kids to a matinee and then spend the rest of your day watching some of these adorable zoo webcams to fulfill your cute quota for the day.  

Learn All About the Holi Festival



The Hindu festival of Holi is a brightly colored celebration of the arrival of spring and the victory of good over evil. You can learn all about this beautiful festival as a family (which is celebrated on March 18 this year) at National Geographic Kids, and then the kids can try out some of the colorful Holi crafts here

Lace Up for a Family Fun Run



Running is fun ... when you do it with friends and family ... and it’s not very far ... and it’s not too cold out ... and it’s also not too hot out … and there’s cupcakes at the end hopefully. OK, that’s a lot of qualifiers, but doing a Fun Run in March with the fam is the one thing that checks all those boxes, so look up a Fun Run near you and put it on the calendar! 

Make Pies for National Pi Day



March 14 is Pi Day, and while you can certainly spend the day celebrating the world’s most lovable irrational number, you’re (probably) better off leaning into the pun side of things and making some yummy pies with the kids. CAMP has a super easy Coconut Cream Pie recipe, or you can try any number of dessert pies or savory pies for a Pi Day you’ll never forget.

Have a Crafty, Colorful St. Patrick's Day


Red Ted Art

St. Patrick’s Day is March 17, and if you’re looking for family-friendly St. Patrick’s Day activities, we’ve got a bunch of St. Patrick’s Day crafts for you. Or you can just give the kids some green food coloring and make an all-green St. Patrick’s Day brunch to celebrate the occasion. 

Come to Slime Bootcamp


Reserve a spot at one of CAMP’s Slime Bootcamp sessions this month so everyone in the family can learn how to make three different types of slime and begin to build the Slime Empire that will eventually help you take over the world.

Treat Yourself to a Date Night Drop-Off


Spring is in the air, the lovebirds are chirping vociferously at each other, and — somewhat more pressingly — you could use a break! Take advantage of a Date Night Drop-Off at CAMP to get some guilt-free alone time for yourself and a special treat for the kids who love crafting, pizza, and dance parties!

Updated June 2022