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Get Your Hands Dirty With 7 Exciting Spring Mud Activities

Dirt and water — two very simple ingredients, but together they’re the source of so much activity, creativity and fun!

Maria Bailey · 7 months ago

spring mud activities


Springtime might bring April showers, but April showers bring about one of the all-time best creative play mediums: spring mud! It's everywhere — so why not embrace it? Sometimes the best fun is the messiest, and there’s nothing more exhilarating than sinking your hands in the mud or feeling the squelch of mud between your toes for a wonderful sensory experience. Better yet, research suggests playing in the mud actually makes you happier! So we wasted no time rounding up some thrilling spring mud activities that engage all your senses, connect with nature, and allow your creativity to run wild!

1. Make Mud Pies


Sparkle Stories

Mud pie, anyone? While they’re not edible (or appetizing, for that matter), whipping up mud pies and getting your hands dirty is a whole lot of fun! Simply dig a mud hole in the ground, add water, and use sticks to mix the soil and water together to form a mud paste. Next, either shape your pies using your bare hands, or use a hand shovel to move your special mixture into a container of your choice! Don’t forget to decorate your handiwork with any leaves, flowers, rocks, or shells you can find to make your mud pie one of a kind. (Sparkle Stories has even more more exciting ideas for backyard mud pies!)

2. Build a Beaver Dam


National Park Service

Do you know who else has fun with mud? Beavers! These smart little creatures use mud, branches, rocks, and grass to make extensive systems of dams and channels to protect themselves from any potential predators. Now you can make a dam just like a beaver thanks to the National Park Service and the insider tips provided by the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. Will your dam hold the water back? Find out by following the park’s step-by-step instructions. Happy building!

3. Create a Mud Sculpture


Kids Minds

Part science experiment, part art project, creating mud sculptures is one of the funnest (and messiest) ways to express your creativity! Getting the right ratio of mud and water is essential to forming a sculpture that will stand, but this challenge is all part of the creative process. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to creating the shape — just roll with it! Decorate your piece with sticks, leaves, flowers, rocks, or any other natural materials you can find. You’ll love squishing the mud between your fingers to bring your creation to life. Our friends at Kids Minds have even more tried and tested tips for making the ultimate mud sculptures.

4. Paint an Earthy Masterpiece



They didn’t teach you this in art class! There are a few ways to create a mud painting, but for an extra-sensory experience, handprints (or footprints) are a clear winner. Create your "paint" by mixing together water and mud to make a paint-like consistency, and dip your hands or feet into the mixture before pressing them firmly into a piece of cardboard or craft paper. You can use your fingers to create finger paintings or grab a paintbrush for more detailed projects.

5. Build a Mud Castle



We’ve all made sandcastles, but have you ever made a castle out of the mud? This one is a no-brainer. Using the same method you would use to build a sandcastle, simply fill a bucket full of mud and flip it over to create your kingdom!

6. Build Mud Bricks


Play Teach Repeat

Bob the Builder has nothing on you! Take on your next build with this simple mud-brick building activity. Not only do you put your building skills to work, but you also get to make the very bricks that you’ll build with using — you guessed it — mud! Go to Play Teach Repeat to learn exactly how to get started on the brick building fun! 

7. Whip Up a Mud Soup


No Time for Flash Cards

Soup made out of mud and water sounds so delicious, right? Okay, maybe not — but little creatives will have a blast putting this ooey, gooey, soupy mixture together. Better yet, you have all the ingredients you could possibly need right in your garden. Our friends at No Time For Flash Cards have lots of tips and inspiration on how to make a muddy concoction of your own!