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The Funniest Elf on the Shelf Setups We've Seen This Year

Santa’s little helpers are full of hilarious shenanigans.

Nicole Kear


Photo courtesy of The Freckled Farmhouse on Instagram

We all know Santa’s making a list and checking it twice (he’s thorough, that guy). And it’s been said that he knows if kids have been bad or good, but, inquiring minds might wonder, how???

Enter the Elf on the Shelf. In case you're not already acquainted, these “scout elves” are Santa’s eyes and ears on the ground, feeding him the intel he needs to make up his high-stakes naughty and nice lists. They keep tabs on your kids, no doubt, but even the most diligent elves need to unwind with mischief. They’re elves, after all. While kids lay asleep all snug in the beds, elves will cavort. Here’s some of the funniest scenes we’ve found them in, come morning. 

Elf Frozen by Elsa


Photo courtesy @die_broeckler_buebchent on Instagram

We all know the cold doesn’t bother her anyway, but the Elf may have a different reaction to being frozen by Elsa. Still, he’ll thaw eventually — spring follows winter like mischief follows an elf. 

Elf Melting a Snowman


Photo courtesy @pinkpeonyhome on Instagram

What did we expect to happen after Elsa treated Elf to a deep freeze? They say revenge is best served cold, but this Elf has to disagree. 

Elf in a Blender


Photo courtesy @Deee_ski on Instagram

With the entire evil underworld against him, things do not look good for our valiant hero. Still, he’s got Batman in his corner (of the blender) and that counts for something. 

Elf Caught in a Web


Photo courtesy @traceyatkin on Instagram

This scenario gives new meaning to “sticky situation”. Of course, it’s always a bad idea to make an enemy of any spider, much less this behemoth.

Elf on a Candy Cane Trapeze


Photo courtesy on Instagram

Why walk when you can fly – and on a candy cane trapeze, no less! If Elf’s day job doesn’t work out, looks like he has a promising career under the Big Top. 

Elf Disguised as a Kiss


Photo courtesy of @thefreckled_farmhouse on Instagram

Amelia Bedelia herself would love this Elf’s penchant for puns. Kisses under the mistletoe have never been so scrumptious – or adorable. 

Elf Bench-Pressing Marshmallows


Photo courtesy @plumerea on Instagram

An Elf gets plenty of cardio, cavorting and tinkering all night long. But if they’re gonna keep their six-packs, they still need to pump some serious iron. And by iron we mean, of course, marshmallows. 

Elf with a Migraine


Photo courtesy @frugalcouponliving on Instagram

Look, the holidays can be stressful, especially for a guy who reports directly to St. Nick himself. Sometimes an elf just needs to raid your medicine cabinet. 

Elf Goes for a Swim


Photo courtesy @darrenhelen on Instagram

Sleeping with the fishes was never so hilarious. The life aquatic may not be for everyone, but this Elf seems as happy-go-lucky as ever (if a bit soggy).