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Funny, Doable Pranks Kids Can Pull That Parents Will Never See Coming

Let the pranking begin!

Josey Miller · 7 months ago

Kids, quick: Plow through these ideas for pranking your parents before they’re back in the room. Sure you’re all clear? Okay, listen up: The time for April Fool’s antics is approaching, and it’s time to get planning. These playful pranks are quick and easy to set up using items you’ll probably find around your home, but they pack a powerful CAMP Prankie punch! Just remember: You know your parents best, so go for the gags you think will make them amused, not aggravated. Shhhhhenanigans! Close the computer now — they’re coming!

1. The Stuffed-Shoe Prank

Stuffed Shoe Prank


Stuff the toes of your parents’ favorite shoes with a bunch of cotton balls. They’ll slip them on in the morning and wonder why on Earth all of a sudden they’re too tight to wear: Where’s my shoe horn? What’s going on? Grown-ups don’t have growth spurts! …Or do they? 

2. The Exploding Rug Prank

Rug Prank


Your parents probably think a walk down the hallway isn’t all that exciting, and this prank will pull the rug right from under ‘em. Pick a high-traffic area in your home where there’s a rug. Find a piece of bubble wrap in a package you’ve received recently, and place it on the floor underneath the rug. Make sure it’s completely flat so they won’t notice any bumps or ripples. Then wait for them to walk by and jump sky-high when their footsteps sound more like fireworks! 

3. The Surprise Letter Prank

Surprise Letter Prank


Parents love hand-addressed invitations, holiday cards, and thank-you notes. Bills and tax-related inquiries? Not so much. That’s why sending them some very unofficial official mail is such a good one. Keep in mind, depending on your parents, the more realistic you make this prank, the less hilarious it could become (if they really think the IRS is unhappy with them, it might not be that funny!). So, for the snail mail spoof, here’s what we’re thinkin’ is your safest bet: Either write a letter that could be true on paper with a completely absurd letterhead (a silly company name, like Me Tarzan LLC) or use an authentic-looking header, but make the message itself absolutely ridiculous: Tell them that they owe a trillion gazillion moobachicklet currency to the government of the Planet Booger.

4. The Cracked Screen Prank

Cracked Screen


When your smartphone screen cracks, it is not a good day. But imagine how relieved your favorite adults will be when they realize it’s just some good old-fashioned-but-new-school April Fool’s Day humor, hardy har har! Here’s how to make this prank happen: Print out a photo of a cracked screen. Trim the paper to the size of the screen on their actual device. Attach the paper to the phone using an easy-to-remove adhesive like Fun Tak. And ta da! Is it enjoyable to watch your parents panic? If so, you’re a genius. 

5. The Candy Vitamin Prank

Candy Medicine


Do your folks start their day with post-breakfast vitamins? Then — if you’re old enough to open the bottle — empty all the vitamins out into a Tupperware or Ziploc bag and hide it in a spot you’ll remember. Fill the container with similarly shaped candy, like M&Ms or Hot Tamales. And good morning, sunshines! (Yes, you’ll probably be told to “put the real vitamins back!” when they make the delicious discovery.)

6. Toilet Paper Pranks

Toilet Paper Pranks


T.P. should be short for oh, The Possibilities! There are just so many pranks you can do with toilet paper. For starters, use a dot of toothpaste to secretly “glue” down the loose end. Or… unroll the paper until you’re a few feet in a bit, draw spiders on several squares, then roll it back up like, nope, nothing to see here — until there is… surprise! The parent on the toilet will see them once they’ve done some unraveling. Or how about removing the roll of toilet paper and replacing it with a roll of duct tape? (Just make sure the real TP is visible and within reach!)

7. The Inside-Out Closet Prank

The Inside Out Closet Prank


If your parents always complain that you put your pants in the hamper inside out, taking that to the next level with this coat closet prank will either make them laugh… or make them cry. Which will it be? All it takes to find out is removing all the jackets from their hangers — yes, all! — turning them inside out, then putting them back on their hangers.

8. The Shampoo Bottle Prank

The Shampoo Bottle Prank


We hope your parents won’t be steamed after this bathroom-based super soaker. On April Fool’s Day Eve, sneak into their shower and twist off the shampoo bottle lid. Use a square of plastic wrap just big enough to cover the opening completely. Screw the cap back on and give it a squeeze to make sure the bottle is secretly sealed. When they’re washing up in the morning, they’ll be baffled when nothing pours out onto their palm!

9. The Drawer Swap Prank

Drawer Swap Prank


Under there! Under where? We made you say underwear! The underpants swap is one of our all-time favorite pranks, and it couldn’t be simpler so we’ll be, uh, brief. Just put your dad’s undies in your mom’s undies drawer and your mom’s undies in your dad’s undies drawer. When they go to get dressed, confusion is sure to ensue. 

10. The Old Creepy-Crawly Prank

Rubber Snake


April Fool’s Day just wouldn’t be the same without some creepy crawlies, everyone’s (least) favorite sign of spring. There’s no need to buy anything new for this one; just look around for toys you already have (old goodie bags or your haul from past trips to Chuck E. Cheese would be good places to start) — and more authentic-looking is best for this one. Use clear tape to stick a toy bug to the inside of a lamp so the silhouette shows through the shade. Or, better yet, on April’s Fool’s Eve, sneak in to your parents’ bedroom and stick a toy snake under their pillows. That oughta get this ha-ha-holiday off to a slithery start.

11. The Photo Flip Prank

Upside Down Prank


We think your folks will flip for this April Foolery. Look for the room in your home with the most family photos. Open the backs of the frames, take out the pics, turn them upside down, put them back in and place the frames just where they were before, and say cheese: They’ve been framed!