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Become the Ultimate Spooky Specter With This Ghost Name Generator

If you have to be a ghost, you want to be a ghost with an awesome, spooky name. We’ve got you covered!

Jack Shepherd · about 1 month ago

00 Edit GNG Thumb Hero

Heeral Chhibber

What would your name be if you were a ghost? Well, let’s think about it. You’ll want a cool, olde-timey first name. Something with a bit of history. Nobody wants to be haunted by someone called Steven. Or Brenda. If someone’s going to be haunted, they’re going to want it to be a Jebediah or an Agnes, so they know it’s a real, professional haunting they’re experiencing.

Then you’ll want something memorable and truly, deeply scary about yourself to tag onto the end of the name so the exorcist has something cool to shout when she’s ineffectually trying to cast you out. OK, now use this name generator and get your ghost on!

Step 1: Generate your olde-timey ghost name from the first letter of your first name.

Insta GNG 1

A = Agnes, or Ambrose

B = Beatrice, or Benedict

C = Cicely, or Cornelius

D = Dorothea, or Dagon

E = Elspeth, or Elijah

F = Florence, or Franklin

G = Greta, or Gaddiel

H = Hattie, or Hagar

I = Iris, or Ishmael

J = Jezebel, or Jebediah

K = Kalista, or Kohath

L = Lorraine, or Leonidas

M = Mathilde, or Milton

N = Narcissa, or Nebuchadnezzar

O = Octavia, or Orville

P = Pearl, or Philemon

Q = Quinchetta, or Quetzalcoatl

R = Rosemary, or Rutherford

S = Seraphina, or Shadrack

T = Tabitha, or Timeus

U = Urielle, or Uriah

V = Vera, or Valentine

W = Willa, or Whitman

X = Ximena, or Xavier

Y = Yvette, or Yaroslav

Z = Zoelle, or Zeno

Step 2: Generate your most horrible ghostly quality with the first letter of your last name

Insta GNG 2

A = The Hairless

B = The Infuriating

C = The Selfish

D = The Appalling

E = The Gruesome

F = The Horrible

G = The Flatulent

H = The Self-Aggrandizing

I = The Awkward

J = The Pompous

K = The Goofy

L = The Odorous

M = The Wishy-Washy

N = The Aggravating

O = The Militant

P = The Persnickety

Q = The Nagging

R = The Miserable

S = The Unhelpful

T = The Humorless

U = The Clumsy

V = The Obnoxious

W = The Whining

X = The Sleepy

Y = The Forgetful

Z = The Grumpy

Step 3: Generate the type of apparition you are using the month you were born

Insta GNG 3

January = Specter

February = Ghoul

March = Wraith

April = Phantom

May = Presence

June = Spirit

July = Shade

August = Spook

September = Demon

October = Poltergeist

November = Banshee

December = Apparition

For example...

Insta GNG 4

There, you're a ghost with a truly authentic and ghostly name. Now go haunt something!

Happy Halloween!

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