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23 Gifts For Newborns That Stand Out From The Crowd

Gifts to wow even the most sleep-deprived parents at your baby shower.

Erica Silverstein

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Let’s be real — all newborns and new parents want is sleep and food. But if you want your gift to wow even the most sleep-deprived parents at your holiday gathering or baby shower, buy one of these top gifts to stand out from the crowd.

1. Kendall The Kale Teether

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Your vegan bestie or home chef brother-in-law are sure to appreciate this sensory toy shaped to look like a leaf of kale. We promise that no one else will be giving a gift like yours.

2. Antiracist Baby Book

AntiracistBaby Spread 2500-2048x1024

Penguin Young Readers

They say racism starts at home, so start baby’s equity education early with this hit new board book.

3. Miffy Lamp

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Mr Maria

An adorable accessory for any newborn’s room, the bunny-shaped Miffy Lamp will help mama find her way in the dark for 2 a.m. feedings and diaper changes. Because sometimes the light of your cellphone is just too harsh.

4. RBG Onesie



Other gift-givers will present a newborn with puppy and dinosaur onesies. Show you dissent from such baby gift clichés with a onesie depicting Ruth Bader Ginsberg drawn by a kid.

5. Busy Bear Activity Toy

softgoods1 2000x

Petit Collage

Baby needs a best friend she can cuddle, crinkle, and chew on. This sensory toy is the bear she’s been looking for.

6. Taco Teether

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LouLou Lollipop

Dragons love tacos, and so should your new nephew or godchild. Start them on Mexican food early with this taco-shaped teething toy.

7. Your Baby's First Word Will Be DADA Picture Book



The new dad on your gift list needs to exert his influence early if he wants his newborn to say “dada” before exclaiming “mama.” Gift him this book to read every night at bedtime; it’s filled with wisdom from fellow father Jimmy Fallon.

8. Plush Lamb

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Elegant Baby

Babies are suckers for super-soft snuggles. Win the little tyke over with a plush lamb stuffy that comes with a sherpa fleece blanket.

9. David Bowie Onesie



What are babies if not billboards for their parents’ (or relatives’) personal interests? If you or the new parents are Bowie fans, this onesie will proclaim to the world that the newborn who’s wearing it will grow up to have great musical taste.

10. Sophie The Giraffe Teether

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French babies never get toothaches — not if they’ve got Sophie La Girafe by their side. Yeah, we know the little Francophile might get multiple Sophies as gifts, but with their textured rubber rings and satisfying squeak, she can never have too many.

11. Little Scientist Board Book Set



Junior can’t talk yet, but you know there are Nobel-worthy thoughts running through that tiny noggin. Inspire them early with this board book set devoted to famous astronauts, physicists, chemists, and other scientists.

12. TouchThinkLearn: ABC Book



This gift is really about impressing the grownups, since its intended recipient will only destroy the gorgeous raised images in this unique alphabet book when he chews on its cover and drools on its pages.

13. LouLou Lollipop Unicorn Donut Teether


LouLou Lollipop

Unicorns, hearts, and donuts! What more could a child hope to sink her teeth into? This teething toy comes with a clip so it’s always on hand when baby wants to play … or test out her new incisors.

14. Baby Socks Gift Set

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Every parent knows that baby socks exist for entertainment only, since they don’t remain on long enough to warm up anyone’s toes. Run with that theme with these animal-face socks with punny messages on their soles. (“Stinky? Who me?!” says the skunk sock.)

15. Cute Animal Wrist Rattles And Foot Finders

519+67RWHkL. SL1000


With rings on her fingers (well, wrists) and bells on her toes, baby shall have music (and sensory stimulation) wherever she goes (which is not far because she can’t crawl yet). Bling up your baby with these bug-themed socks and wrist rattles for minutes of blanket-time entertainment.

16. Shape Of My Heart Board Book



Is your love language … shapes? Help baby explore this new-to-him world with a mix of poetry and object identification.

17. Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blankets

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Hudson Baby

Newborns can never have enough swaddle blankets. These three-packs from Hudson Baby let doting friends and families pick the designs they dig — from the ubiquitous llama to constellations, woodland critters, and Magritte-inspired bowler hats and mustaches.

18. Loni The Sloth Plush Lovey

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Some friends give bunny, puppy, and bear plushies. Others date themselves with oh-so-2020 llama toys. Stand out from those Boring Bettys with this adorable sloth lovey, and even sleep-deprived moms will remember which gift was yours.

19. Little Artist Board Book Set



Forget STEM — encourage baby to take advantage of her trust fund and become a creative genius. Gift her this board book set extolling history’s favorite painters, sculptors, musicians, and performers. Next year — finger paint!

20. Wooden Baby Gym

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After his doula-assisted water birth, a baby doesn’t want his pure being chemically altered with plastic toys. This baby gym stands out for its vegan style, using only organic birchwood and food-grade silicone to stimulate his senses with hanging toys in natural and pleasing colors.

21. The Little Homie ABCDC Rock & Roll Alphabet Book

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The Little Homie

Gift the rock ’n’ roll parents on your list this book so they can simultaneously teach their little one the alphabet and the names of all the rock greats. Goes great with soap sud mohawks in the bath and Kid Bop.

22. Blooming Baby Bath

71+OyxJv8AL. SL1500

Blooming Bath

A Gerber Baby in training needs a safe way to bathe and a backdrop for Insta-worthy photo shoots. You’ll be the favorite aunt or uncle when the new parents unwrap these flower-shaped bath inserts

23. Feminist Board Books

Feminist parents will love teaching their newborn girl or boy about their heroes with one of these two A to Zs of strong women throughout history.