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Inspire Your Little Feminist With These Gifts Inspired By Great Women

Inspired by iconic women of the past and present, these gifts are must-haves for you and your little feminist.

Matt Harvey and Jack Shepherd


The world has been reshaped for the better by powerful women who dared to live on their own terms. During Women's History Month — and every day! — we celebrate these formidable females and hope to follow in their trailblazing footsteps. These gifts will inspire the young feminists in your life to learn more, dream big, and lead the way!

1. Rebel Girls Champions

This book of inspiring stories about game-changing athletes like Simone Biles, Serena Williams, and Megan Rapinoe is only $8.99, but you may want to factor in the lifetime of figure skates, tennis rackets, and soccer balls you're going to be on the hook for after your kid reads this.

2. Little Feminist Picture Book

Be inspired by the 25 extraordinary women featured in the pages of this beautifully illustrated book by our friends at Mudpuppy. Scientists, artists, politicians, athletes, monarchs, and more!

3. Little Feminist Board Book Set

Some of the most important women in her-story are represented in this set of board books featuring activists, artists, leaders, and pioneers. Inside a book is the one place that you’ll find these visionary ladies adhering to boundaries.

4. Eboo Women March! 500 Piece Round Puzzle

The 2017 Women’s March was a monumental moment in political protest. The outpouring of support for the protection of women’s rights on that day sent a clear message of strength and solidarity to anyone who would oppose those rights. This 500 piece puzzle commemorates the efforts on that day and, in true semiotic fashion, shows the beauty of separate pieces coming together for a singular purpose. 

5. Funwares Notorious RBG Puzzle

Complete this 1000-piece puzzle for an inspirational quote from one of the most brilliant and impactful minds that the world has ever seen. Some folks are notable, and some folks are notorious; Ruth Bader Ginsburg was both.

6. 200 Women

Place this gorgeous book on your coffee table and flip through the pages for an informative and candid glimpse at female life around the world. The same five questions are asked of 200 women from varying and diverse backgrounds. Their answers will call you to action.

7. Little People, Big Dreams: Women In Art Book Set

This collection of Little People Big Dreams books collects the stories of three transcendent women artists: Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, and Frida Kahlo. These books are designed for young readers but will inspire you no matter your age. 

8. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

What's the best way to say good night to a Rebel Girl? With one of these awesome bedtime stories about extraordinary women who have succeeded by doing things their way! That way your little rebel can dream about making a mark on the world.

9. Anchors-n-Asteroids "R Is For Ruth" Onesie

Teach your small friend about transcendence early with this adorable and super soft onesie! It’s stylish, it’s cute as all get out, and it reminds you that R is more than just a pirate's second favorite letter.*

*Pirates are fond of the R but they love the C.

10. RBG Workout 2021 Wall Calendar

Stephen Colbert, who has experienced RBG’s workouts, will tell you that they’re no joke, and that’s a guy who knows his way around a joke. Get your RBG workout on with this calendar and you’ll see that they’re serious business every day of the year. 

11. FCTRY Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Action Figure

Put AOC on your desk as a perpetual reminder that you really can make a difference by working hard for the things you care about and standing up for your beliefs. 

12. FCTRY Kamala Harris Action Figure

Kamala Harris is a figure of action, and now she’s also an action figure. The first female Vice President of the United States is ready to command the country and your desk.

13. FCTRY RBG Action Figure

Here’s a new icon for your mantlepiece — put her next to Supergirl, Storm, Shuri, Batgirl, and all the other heroes who fight for truth, justice, and the American way. 

14. Superheroes Are Everywhere

This book is a fantastic reminder that there are superheroes everywhere and the power to make positive change in the world is in all of us. Oh, and the author just happens to be the Vice President of the United States.

15. Little People, Big Dreams: Aretha Franklin

This volume of the bestselling book series shines a spotlight on the Queen of Soul herself. You’ll have even more R-E-S-P-E-C-T for the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer once you explore her history through the lens of this bite-sized biography.

16. Little People, Big Dreams: Harriet Tubman

Read all about the conductor of the Underground Railroad in this brave tale of strength and persistence. Harriet Tubman was a hero for the ages, and the story of her life is told in the collected facts and illustrations on the pages of this beautiful book.

17. Little People, Big Dreams: Ella Fitzgerald

The story of the “First Lady of Song” is depicted in this vibrant edition of the Little people, Big Dreams series. This trip through the timeline of Ella Fitzgerald begins with her early days of street performance in Harlem and follows the influential jazz singer’s ascent to the top of the jazz world. 

18. Little People, Big Dreams: Rosa Parks

In classic Little People, Big Dreams form, Rosa Parks’s inspiring story of courage and resilience is told through informative facts and gorgeous illustrations. 

19. Little People, Big Dreams: Frida Kahlo

After a childhood accident wrecked her dream to study medicine, Frida Kahlo pursued the practice of a different art — painting. Frida started painting from her bedside and painted over 140 pieces! This book is a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

20. Little People, Big Dreams: Maya Angelou

The life of beloved speaker, writer, and civil rights activist Maya Angelou is chronicled in this entry of the Little People, Big Dreams series. Learn about how Maya rediscovered her voice after a childhood trauma left her silent, and follow as she becomes one of the most powerful speakers and writers in history.

21. Rebel GIrls Powerful Pairs

Learn about the mother/daughter pairs who have changed the world and marvel at the incredible things that are within our reach when we collaborate with our moms.

22. A Is For Awesome

This awesome book teaches the alphabet by featuring 23 world-changing women. Your small friend will love the wonderful illustrations and the inspirational stories behind these awesome ladies!

23. She Persisted In Sports

This is the perfect book for folks who’ve been told that their goals weren’t theirs to reach for. Filled with tales of female athletes who pushed and persisted to achieve their dreams, this book is a reminder that you are important and you can do anything!

24. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Real-Life Tales of Black Girl Magic

From astronauts like Jeanette Epps to tennis players like Naomi Osaka to writers like Toni Morrison, this beautifully illustrated book is full of stories about amazing, talented, and inspirational Black women and girls from throughout history.

25. Michelle With Peonies Paint By Number Kit

Michelle Obama didn’t paint by numbers as she elevated the role of the First Lady, but that doesn’t mean you can’t honor her by using the technique!

26. Elle Cree Rosa Parks With Roses Paint By Number Kit

Rosa with roses has a nice ring to it! Be inspired by the visage of a civil rights legend as you complete the steps of this paint kit.

27. Ella Cree Frida With Flowers Paint By Number Kit

Make Frida Kahlo proud and complete this totally framable art by painting from your bedside … or wherever you want — the results will still be beautiful!

28. Who Run The World?

The future is female and this delightfully illustrated book helps us answer the question in the title! Who run the world? GIRLS!!

Updated March 2022