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25 Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Sweetheart

Roses are red, violets are blue, I love you so much, here’s a gift as proof!

Daniel Fernandez and Sarah Burns



Of all the ways to show your sweetheart you care about them, nothing says “I love you” quite like buying 'em something allllllmost as cute as they are.

If you’ve found yourself drowning in a sea of teddy bears, scented candles, and just plain overwhelmed by the sheer number of gift options for Valentine’s Day, rest easy, friend. You’ve come to the right place. These gifts for your sweetheart are equal parts romantic, thoughtful, and adorable, so let’s get to lovin’!

1. Luckies Rock On Mini Accessories Stand

Rock On Mini Stand

Luckies of London

Does your sweetie totally rock? Do they really stand out in a crowd? Are they basically your right-hand man? When you love someone so literally, only a literal gift will do. It’s inspiring design, functional decor, and way cooler than a bunch of flowers. 

2. Fresh Italian Cheese Making Kit

Fresh Italian Cheese Making Kit


Don’t spend the holiday (prov)alone: have a date night in, and get cheesy together. This kit makes it easy to make creamy, Italian-style cheeses like ricotta, mozzarella, and mascarpone – and all you need is milk. Making something delicious together? You cheddar believe it’s a gouda time!

3. Yellow Owl Workshop Je T'Aime Letters Pendant

Je T'Aime Heart Necklace

Yellow Owl Workshop

Ah, the language of love. And who wouldn’t fall in love with such a unique gift? Gilded in timeless 16k gold, this pendant, packaged in a stunning, cork-topped glass vial is a show-stopper featuring those words they’ve been longing to hear – in French!

4. Time for You Sand Timer

Time for You Sand Timer: 0

Showing your loved one that you care about their peace of mind can sometimes communicate just how much you care about them better than any gift can. This charming sand timer, designed by Carissa Potter, fits on any desk, nightstand, or coat pocket and serves as an excellent reminder for your sweetheart to take a moment for themselves.

5. Make-Your-Own Candle Kit

Calm Club Wax & Wick Scented Candle Making Kit: 0

If your sweetheart is a scent aficionado, the Calm Club’s make-your-own candle kit smells like the right gift for them. Complete with wicks, wax, glass jars, and two different kinds of scented oils, your sweetheart can craft their perfect candle for the perfect occasion.

6. W&P Craft Champagne Cocktail Kit

Craft Champagne Cocktail Kit


If your sweetheart likes bubbly and makes you feel all bubbly inside, look no further than the charming and portable craft champagne cocktail kit by W&P. This kit comes with all the ingredients needed to create two champagne cocktails, whether you’re at home or on your honeymoon.

7. Fred Cheesy Love Songs Cheese Board

Cheesy Love Songs Cheese Board


It’s a fact that one cannot serve cheeses on just any old board (do not try, you will be kicked out of the home improvement store). Besides, your significant other will be much more impressed with this sweet cassette tape accompanied by a playlist curated by you for a romantic evening of eating too much cheese, and napping on the couch together.

8. Gift Republic: Rosé and Whiskey Bath Bombs

Gift Republic whisky bath bombs

Gift Republic

These rosé and whiskey-scented bath bombs by Gift Republic are the perfect things to help your sweetheart enjoy their favorite bev without having to worry about a hangover.

9. GUND Philbin Chocolate Bear

GUND Philbin Chocolate Bear


When it comes to classic Valentine’s Day gifts, ya really can’t go wrong with a teddy bear. The perfect gift for little ones and adults, this cutie of a bear is as soft as he is adorable. You know how the saying goes: “GO BEAR OR GO HOME.”

10. Pipsticks Stickers

Pipsticks For The One I Love


If you want that special someone to stick around, don’t be shy! Say it loud and clear with a sweet sticker pack that gets right to the heart of the matter. Sticker collectors will love these Pipsticks exclusives, with their study, PVC design, and eye-catching foiled accents. Plus they’re a reminder of your affection that can be placed on anything that could use a little extra love. 

11. Calm Club Big Night In 5-Piece Cozy Set

Big Night In Calm Club Luckies of London

Luckies of London

Encourage a night of self-indulgence with a pair or cozy socks, a soothing candle to set the mood, and wooden puzzle to get their mind off the stresses of the day. Go a step further, and make sure they actually have the time to use this set; whether it’s keeping the kids busy, or letting them unload some errands, sometimes the nicest thing you can give someone is time for themselves.

12. Bari H21 Beanie Love Black

Bari Lynn H21 Beanie Love Black

Bari Lynn

Don’t leave your sweetie out in the cold; this is one hat that'll warm their head and their heart. Chase away the winter blues with these cheerful neons, and black that ties it together with pretty much everything. They’ll appreciate the practicality, the awesome style, and the sentiment of this thoughtful gift. 

13. Macmillan Crush and Color Books

Crush and Color Keanu

Macmillan Publishers

Show your better half you’re not the jealous type, with escapist coloring books filled with adventure, fantasy, and two of our most beloved national treasures. Yes, they might be staring into Keanu’s soulful eyes, but you’re the one that’s – OMG is he holding a puppy? Awww! 

14. Luckies Originals Cocktail Candles Cosmopolitan

Luckies Originals Cocktail Candles Cosmopolitan

Luckies of London

It’s always five o’clock somewhere, which means it’s always a good time to serve up this Cosmopolitan-scented candle! Fill your space with the refreshing, delicious scent of cranberry and citrus. True love burns eternal, but this candle will burn for about 55 hours. 

15. Bubblegum Stuff Weird Crush Hollywood Hunks

Weird Crush Hollywood Hunks

Bubblegum Stuff

No one is here to call anyone out on their extensive Twins movie poster collection, or for memorizing every single one of a latex-foreheaded Travolta’s lines in Battlefield Earth. Celebrate your love, and all the weirdos you love together, with a game that embraces all your strangest celebrity crushes! 

16. He Said She Said Pizza Necklace

He Said She Said Pizza Necklace

Nothing could ever come between you – except maybe the last slice. No, it’s not the most romantic admission in the world, but isn’t it better to be honest and know where you stand? Give them a gift that shows them you know what they really love, and pass the napkins, please.

17. Spicewalla 10 Pack Grill and Roast Collection

Spicewalla 10 Pack Grill and Roast Collection


Wanna really spice things up? Make a date in the kitchen! Cooking as a couple is a fun bonding activity, and with ten spices perfect for grilling, roasting, and experimenting with in all of your go-to dishes, you might want to reconsider going out to dinner. 

18. Gift Republic Name A Star


This Name-A-Star tin is the perfect gift for your sweetheart if they are into astrology, love tins, or are Vincent van Gogh (that’s a Starry Night joke). Includes a super simple registration sheet; fill it out, send it in, and they’ll send a certificate of authenticity, so you can cuddle under your very own star with that special someone.

19. Gift Republic Flower Press


A fresh bouquet is always a solid choice to express your love on  Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, those flowers typically don’t make it past the end of the month. Thanks to developments in science and flower technology, this handy little device can press those beautiful buds into botanical keepsakes. That’s some everlasting love!

20. Thumbs Up Diamond Soiree Glasses Set of 2

Thumbs Up Diamond Soiree Glasses Set of 2

Thumbs Up UK

Cheers to love everlasting! Your love shines bright like a diamond, so raise a glass with that special someone with dazzling gemstone glassware that’s a cut above the rest.  

21. Printworks Memory Game Celebrity Couples

Printworks Memory Game Celebrity Couples


You need more than a good memory for this celebrity matching game. Put your knowledge of pop-culture to the test in a game of celebrity couples from the past fifty years. Pop-culture and love? Sounds like a match!

22. Caramel Caravan Chocolates

Caramel Caravan Chocolates

Caramel Caravan Co.

Willy Wonka and Forrest Gump’s mother would most likely agree that giving your boo chocolate on Valentine’s Day is a no-brainer. These delectable, small batch chocolate goodies are a truly gourmet way to spread the love!

23. I Love You Night and Day

I Love You Night and Day

Bloomsbury USA

If your Valentine cries all night, drools everywhere, and has the most pinchable cheeks in the world, it sounds like this year you’re celebrating your first Valentine’s Day as a proud new Mommy or Daddy. Through vibrant colors, lyrical rhymes, and adorably illustrated animals, I Love You Night and Day is a fantastic book for parents and toddlers to learn about love together.

24. Big Heart Tea Rosy and Bright

Big Heart Tea Rosy and Bright

Big Heart Tea

Traditional roses too cliché? You’ll be on your beloved’s mind as they sip a warm cuppa rose, hibiscus, cinnamon, Assam black tea with the help of these spiced-up sachets. Brews into a stunning magenta hue that makes for a beautiful (tea) drop in the bucket when it comes to showing your sweetheart some love.

25. Letters to my Love & Here’s to You my Love

Here’s to You my Love

Chronicle Books

Totally terrific tiny tear-outs to surprise and delight your sweethearts on Valentine’s Day, or any day! Pages upon pages of adorably small notes, trinkets, and gifts to help you describe your affection for your sweetheart in a sincere, cheeky, or loving way.

Updated January 2022

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