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Clever Trunk Or Treat Ideas to Rule the Parking Lot

Roll up to the neighborhood Halloween trunk-or-treat like an absolute BOOs — er, boss.

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns


Michelle's Party Plan-It

This Halloween, everyone's getting dressed up — including the car for trunk or treat! New to trunk or treat? Each family rolls up to a large parking lot and decorates their trunk according to a theme or idea, and kids trick or treat from car to car instead of door to door. But we're talking way beyond streamers and balloons! The best trunk or treat decoration ideas go all out and create little worlds of their own. Need some inspiration for your Halloween trunk or treat? We've got you covered with these clever ideas.

Candy Land Trunk or Treat


Deb CB

A trip to Candyland on Halloween? Sign me up! Take a stroll through the Candy Cane Forest and wander around Gumdrop Mountain with a clever Candyland-themed trunk or treat. Who knows, you might even see King Kandy himself! 

Mario Brothers Trunk or Treat


Frog Prince Paperie

It's a-me, Mario! Level up your trunk or treat display this Halloween and let the Mario Bros get in on the mix. You might have to dodge some Piranha Plants, Bobombs, and Boos to get to the candy, but it will be well worth it. 

Quidditch Trunk or Treat


Food Fitness Life Love

10 points for Gryffindor for this excellent trunk or treat display! This magical trunk or treat layout will instantly transport you right to the Quidditch field for a high-stakes match. Fly on over to Food Fitness Love Life for all the wizardly details.  

Retro Snack Bar Trunk or Treat


Michelle's Party Plan-It

Tired of the M&Ms, Skittles, and Reese's Peanut Butter cups on Halloween? Then take a trip back in time and hit up the retro snack bar during your trunk or treat stroll. The retro snack bar has all the great hits from a classic snack bar, including popcorn, cotton candy, and throwback sweets like saltwater taffy and mini lollipops. It's a solid trade-off! 

Space Trunk or Treat


Mini and Me by Sharon via Instagram

Houston, how much candy can fit on the rocket ship? Blast off to explore the Milky Way — the candy version, that is — this Halloween and turn your trunk into outer space. This out-of-this-world idea from @miniandmebysharon is super simple to put together and will impress all of your trunk or treaters. 

Day of the Dead Trunk or Treat



Halloween and Dia de los Muertos fall back to back on the calendar, so why not celebrate them both at the same time? This Day of the Dead trunk or treat display does just that. The colorful arrangement is basically a traveling ofrenda filled with sugar skulls, marigolds, and papel picado. 

Carnival of Evil Trunk or Treat


Giggles Galore

Welcome to the carnEVIL — er, carnival! No, your eyes aren't playing a trick on you, everything at this carnival trunk-or-treat seems a little off. The skeletons run the show here, meaning everything is a bit rotten and rather creepy — perfect for the Halloween spirit! Step on up and see if you can win a prize of rotten candy — don’t worry, you can trade that one later with your younger sibling!

Mad Scientist Trunk or Treat


Simply_momlifeof2 via Instagram

You're going to want to have your lab coats and safety goggles nearby, as this Halloween science lab has a mind of its own. Literally — there's a brain in a jar that's ready to be experimented on sitting in the backseat! This mad scientist lab from @simply_momlifeof2 has the perfect amount of both tricks and treats waiting to be discovered.  

Haunted Underwater Trunk or Treat


The Craft Patch via Instagram

When Sebastian sang to Ariel about life being better under the sea, I don't think this is what he was talking about. Regardless, The Craft Patch is making the haunted underwater life look pretty welcoming. The underwater display has plenty of thingamabobs — and by thingamabobs, we mean candy — to go around for the whole crew.

Monsters Inc. Trunk or Treat


Jpresa via Instagram

Halloween and monsters go hand in hand. Just ask Mike Wazowski and Sully from Monsters Inc. They know a thing or two about turning scares into laughs to make any day brighter. Open the door to your trunk and bring the world of Monstropolis to your Halloween trunk or treat celebration.

Minecraft Trunk or Treat


Frog Prince Paperie

Bring the perfectly pixelated world of blocks to your IRL Halloween celebration with a Minecraft trunk or treat display. Frog Prince Paperie goes all out on create mode to give their Minecraft blocks a seasonal pumpkin twist. Just make sure to take the Creeper out of the car after the holiday is over. That's something you don't want sneaking up on you!

Red Carpet Trunk or Treat


Simply_momlifeof2 via Instagram

Lights, camera, action! We're coming to you live from the trunk or treat movie premiere. Let the red carpet flow out from out of the trunk and watch all of your trick or treaters feel like a star as they collect their candy. Don't forget to pose for the paparazzi! This star-studded idea from simply_momlifeof2 will surely be Oscar-worthy! 

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