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Happy Birthday, August Kids!

Sunny, brilliant, and bright — that's not the weather forecast for your birthday, August kiddos. That's YOU!

Camp Stores · about 1 month ago

HappyBday August

If you're an August baby, you've got sunshine on your side. Chances are your birthday is going to be just as bright and sunny as you are! Enjoy your special summer birthday with delicious treats, hand-picked presents, and August-inspired birthday party theme ideas that will make your big day the biggest bash ever.

Perfect Presents for Practically-Perfect August Kids

August birthdays have it right. Between the summer weather and the sunny days outside, it's the ultimate month to celebrate. The only way to make your celebration better? Some amazing presents. We've pulled together some of our favorite birthday presents for August babies! (Looking for present inspiration for a friend? Scout the Bear is always ready to help at the CAMP Present Shop.)

10 Extra-Sunny Party Ideas for an August Birthday

August birthday kids, it’s your time to shine! Wrap up the summer by throwing a birthday party that's out of this world. Still working on a theme? Not to worry, we’ve got some excellent August birthday party ideas for you to choose from.

10 Amazing Facts You Definitely Didn't Know About Your August Birthday

We’re already vibing on that summer high, but there’s one day in particular that takes the cake … of the birthday variety. Yep: It’s your birthday! We all know August kids are awesome — and here's why science backs it up!

Melt-in-Your-Mouth Birthday Cake Ideas for August Birthdays

Don’t try to play it cool: It’s August, it’s your birthday, and it’s gonna be one HOT summer party! That means you need a smokin’ cake for the centerpiece of all the celebratory action. We’re stoked for summer birthday cake themes like watermelon, creamsicles, and s’mores, but you might be hot for breakfast-themed desserts or Kool-Aid creations. If you’re looking for inspiration, get all fired up with these 10 super hot birthday cake ideas for your August birthday

12 Ways to Make Summer Birthdays Extra Special



Summer birthdays are way underrated. There's no school, you can party all night long, and the weather is great for an outdoor celebration. And it doesn't stop there! Check out our ideas for how to make your summer birthday so special those winter babies might even start to get jealous! 

15 Tips and Ideas for Throwing Your Best Sleepover Party Ever

slumber party ideas


Want to make your sleepover party a 10 out of 10? You easily can thanks to these slumber party ideas and planning tips. You’ll be having too much fun to even think about going to sleep. 

11 Tips and Ideas for the Perfect Birthday Party in the Park

park birthday party


There's a reason throwing a birthday party in the park is a classic tradition. The playground is built-in entertainment, and there's plenty of room to run around and play endless games. This year, come prepared when it comes to your park party and have the ultimate setup! Check out our suggestions and make your park party the best one yet.

13 Genius Ideas to Make Your Pool Party a Success

It's still summertime — and you know what that means? It's pool party season! Make your pool party one to remember with balloons, glow-sticks, mega-inflatables, underwater cameras, and more fun ideas.