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Happy Birthday, January Kids!

Camp’s curated monthly guide to January birthdays, from party planning to gifts — and all the cakey flakey milk-shaky details in between.

Megan Baldwin · 8 months ago

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Heeral Chhibber / CAMP

While January birthdays are arguably a little easier on the celebratory muscles than December birthdays, New Year’s babies still have to contend with holiday present hangovers, cold weather, and parental resolutions to eat less cake. But on the bright side, January brings fresh energy and some serious star muscle: Joan of Arc, David Bowie, Oprah, Elvis, Dolly Parton, and Martin Luther King Jr. were all born this month. More than that, they’re the only babies who make headlines for being born first and are always one of the oldest kids in class. We see that height advantage!

So if all that and the fact that your kid has a birthday coming up sounds like a reason to celebrate, read on for our gift list, cake making (and decorating) guide, party ideas, and quick-hit do’s and don’ts for monthly birthday mastery.

Let Them Eat Snowflake Cake


Also the Crumbs Please

Check out our guide to the ultimate January birthday cakes, each a personalized masterpiece that would make Oprah proud.

10 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Your January Kid

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Heeral Chhibber / CAMP

Discover why January kids are more likely to become doctors or Dolly Parton, so practically superheroes.

10 Awesome January Kid Birthday Presents that Definitely Aren’t Holiday Leftovers

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Heeral Chhibber / CAMP

From personalized puzzles to Bowie-worthy microphones, these gifts will play on all year. 

12 Cool Theme Ideas For A January Birthday Party

Spa Day Party


It's not just the new year — it's YOUR new year! So kick off another trip around the sun with the Best. Birthday. Ever.

Turn Up Our January Birthday Kid Playlist


Fizkes / Getty Images

Justin Timberlake, Zooey Deschanel, and Lin Manuel Miranda all have January birthdays, so prepare to have a blast with our latest kid-friendly playlist.

Host a Virtual Birthday Celebration with CAMP!



Not to brag, but here at CAMP we're pretty good at having fun. Find out about how to host a virtual celebration with some of our all-time favorite CAMP Counselors, from a Karate Dance Party + Songwriting Spectacular to a Treasure Trunk Adventure!

And Last but Not Least … Camp’s Do’s and Don’ts of January Birthdays

  • Do lean into famous person inspiration because with Dolly, Elvis, Oprah, and David Bowie in the mix; you can’t go wrong.

  • Don’t lean into Jan. 3rd famous person inspiration because no kid needs a Mel Gibson-themed birthday.

  • Do embrace wellness and use that newly minted virtual yoga membership on a class with your birthday kid.

  • Don’t put candles in an acai bowl instead of cake.

  • Do indoor activities like our favorite wintery crafts, cozy cooking, or even a movie night.

  • Don’t play freeze tag (too real).

  • Do use the holiday weekend (MLK Jr. Day is Jan. 18) effectively to plan something extra fun like a ski trip or outdoor adventure.

  • Don’t forget to have a back-up plan in case your kid’s friends head out of town.

  • Do play it extra safe and be thoughtful about how you celebrate by wearing masks, playing outdoors, or having virtual parties.

  • Don’t turn your kid’s party into the first superspreader event of 2021.