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HBD, July Kids!

See all those fireworks in the sky? TOTALLY in your honor. For real.

Camp Stores · 3 months ago

July Birthday Guide

It's America's birthday, and it's yours too, July birthday kiddos! We're so excited we're seeing stars. Or maybe those are fireworks? To help you get ready to celebrate your birthday with a bash that's one for the history books, we've pulled together some whiz-bang party ideas, epic birthday presents, and some dazzling facts all about you, July baby. Happy birthday!

The Best Presents for July Birthday Kids

It doesn't get better than a July birthday. School's out for the summer, the weather is finally sunny and hot, and the days are longer, meaning there's extra time to play. Use that extra time to play with all of the cool presents you'll get for your birthday! (And if you still need birthday present inspiration, our friend Scout the Bear over at the CAMP Present Shop is ready to help!)

Epic Theme Ideas for a July Birthday Party



Calling all July babies! It's your time to shine. Embrace your summer birthday with a mega celebration, like a red-white-and-blue party, a Christmas in July party, or an ice cream bash.

10 Fun Facts You Definitely Didn't Know About Your July Birthday

July-born kids get to celebrate their birthdays in the sunshine and with fireworks — but that's not the only reason they're lucky!

10 Summery Birthday Cake Ideas for July Birthdays


Kara's Party Ideas

July is an epic month for summer treat-inspired birthday cakes. Take advantage of seasonal fruits and berries to flavor your cake. Put your favorite ice cream flavors in your birthday treat. Or, go for cake decorations that bring the surf and sun. These 10 summery birthday cake ideas for July birthdays are sure to bring the fireworks on your special day.  

12 Ways to Make Summer Birthdays Extra Special



Summer birthdays are way underrated. There's no school, you can party all night long, and the weather is great for an outdoor celebration. And it doesn't stop there! Check out our ideas for how to make your summer birthday so special those winter babies might even start to get jealous! 

13 Genius Ideas to Make Your Pool Party a Success

It's finally summertime and you know what that means? It's pool party season! Make your pool party one to remember with balloons, glow-sticks, mega-inflatables, underwater cameras, and more fun ideas.

Host a Birthday Celebration with CAMP!



Not to brag, but here at CAMP we're pretty good at having fun. Find out about how to host a birthday celebration with some of our all-time favorite CAMP Counselors, from a Karate Dance Party + Songwriting Spectacular to a Treasure Trunk Adventure!