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Happy Birthday, May Kids!

Warm up your party muscles, our May Birthday guide is here to celebrate these Spring kiddos!

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May Birthday Guide

Top of her list of things Mom wanted for Mother’s Day ... this kid! May babies are born into favorite child status, so it’s little surprise that these kids are likely to be some of the healthiest and happiest of all. They’re eternal optimists who love the sunshine, but these outgoing kids also have a tendency to be night owls who party into the wee hours. Chalk it up to that unpredictable Gemini spirit. Their mission in life is to always be boldly going where — yup, you guessed it — no May kid has gone before, so let’s go! We’ve put together ways to celebrate the May kid in your life, from party ideas to a super-springy gift list

May We Give You... Birthday Gifts Perfect for All the Spring Things

Our most unpredictable birthday gift guide yet — just like those warm-then-wet-then-cold May days.

A-May-Zing Birthday Party Ideas for May Birthday Kids

Llama Party

Made By a Princess Parties

Llamas, firefighters, Derby Day, and a galaxy far, far away are just a few of our fun party inspirations for May birthdays!

10 Fun Facts You Definitely Didn't Know About Your May Birthday

Find out what makes May kids gifted since the day you were born — according to science! Really!

Dig Into Some Mouthwatering May Birthday Cakes

Hedgie Cake

Little Peach Cakery

This month, we find cake-y inspiration in all things spring, with puppy dogs, butterflies, and even the world’s most adorable edible hedgehog.

Extra-Cheerful Ideas for a Super-Happy Birthday Party

Rainbow Party

Happy Wish Company / Project Nursery

Add an extra bit of happiness to your birthday party with these mega-happy, super-cheery, over-the-top-fun birthday party ideas. These cheerful themes, decorations, and activity ideas will keep birthday spirits sky-high!

Unique Birthday Traditions Around The World

birthday traditions around the world


Flower crowns? Fairy bread? Ear pulling? Find out how kids around the world celebrate their birthdays with some traditions we love.

Host a Birthday Celebration with CAMP!

Not to brag, but here at CAMP we're pretty good at having fun. Find out about how to host a celebration with some of our all-time favorite CAMP Counselors, at all of our CAMP locations!

Updated April 2022