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Happy Birthday, November Kids!

There's lots to be grateful for in November — but especially YOU, November birthday kids!

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November is when we celebrate everything we're thankful for — our families, our friends, that awesome crunchy-leaf sound... and November birthday kiddos are definitely tops on that list! Get into your birthday happy place with cakes that taste way better than any old turkey (including the ultimate November birthday dessert: Piecaken). We've got party theme ideas perfect for your November birthday celebration, plus the best gifts for the best November birthday kids.

Hope your birthday is as special and superb as you are, November birthday kiddo!

Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About November Birthdays

November 11 is considered the luckiest day of the year — according to numerology and astrology. But November-born kids are lucky every day of the year — according to science!

Magical Birthday Party Ideas for Marvelous November Kids



November kids, this is your month! Celebrate your next trip around the sun with a party to remember. Party with princesses or dragons, invite Elmo or Baby Shark, and ride that sugar high with parties inspired by National Cake Day and National Candy Day.

Extra-Awesome Birthday Gifts for Extra-Awesome November Kids

November birthdays tend to be sandwiched between Halloween and the winter holidays, but your birthday is the most important holiday of the bunch. Make your birthday stand out even more with some excellent presents! We've pulled together a few of our favorites that will make the day extra special.  

10 Phenomenal Birthday Cake Ideas for Your November Birthday


The Cake Whiz

Some might say the Thanksgiving turkey is the most delicious thing you'll eat in November. Clearly, they've never seen your birthday cake.

Celebrate With Us at CAMP!

Hold on to your party hats: CAMP wants to help you celebrate your big day. Our magical spaces and incredible counselors make it all happen! Share your details with us and we’ll design the ultimate party — in-person, virtual, or hybrid. Our very own Camp Counselors lead with fun, creativity, and interactive silliness, so the whole family is engaged and having a blast. 

10 Fun Ways to Surprise Someone on Their Birthday

Is there someone special you want to surprise for their birthday? Here are 10 ideas to help you nail your sneaky mission, from making a "balloon room" to going full Ferris.

Unique Birthday Traditions Around The World

No journey around the sun would be complete without singing happy birthday and blowing out the candles on your birthday cake, right? While these rituals might be the hallmark of many birthday celebrations in the U.S., we don't all celebrate the same way! From flower crowns to longevity noodles, discover some of the unique ways people celebrate their birthdays around the world.