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Take A Day Trip To Hogwarts With Harry, Ron, and Hermione

Recreate a normal, Voldemort-free day in the life at Hogwarts with these activities, crafts, and recipes.

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

Want a little taste of the Wizarding World—without heading to a theme park? With this activity guide, kids can recreate a day in the life of Harry, Ron, and Hermione at Hogwarts. (A normal, Voldemort-free day at Hogwarts, that is.) Don’t forget your wand!

Welcome To Hogwarts

Welcome To Hogwarts

More Than Thursday

Your official acceptance letter from Hogwarts is your first step on the journey to Platform 9 3/4. Using this printable template from More Than Thursday, you can either make the letters with your kids, or surprise them with an acceptance letter in the morning heralding a magical day to come.

Get Sorted Into Your Houses

Sorting Hat

Warner Brothers Entertainment

Once you’ve arrived at Hogwarts, it’s time to get sorted into a house. Head to the Wizarding World website and take the official sorting hat quiz. Create an account and follow the instructions to see if you’ll be in Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, or Slytherin. Make sure to answer all of the questions accurately and thoughtfully, as you only get one chance to be sorted. Once you’ve been placed in a house, take the wand and Patronus quiz to fill out your Hogwarts passport. 

Watch Hogwarts Come To Life

Harry Potter Movies

Warner Brothers Entertainment

Now that you’re settled into your house (don’t forget your house password like Neville Longbottom), spend some time watching Harry, Ron, and Hermione in action. Pick your favorite Harry Potter movie or have the ultimate movie marathon starting at the beginning with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Feast in the Great Hall

Great Hall Feast

Food In Literature

When the credits start rolling, it’s time for a feast in the Great Hall! If you want to mimic a traditional feast from Hogwarts, you’ll definitely want to have shepherd’s pie, cornish pasties, or steak and kidney pie.

“I Hope There’s Pudding”

Golden Snitch Balls

Fun Money Mom

Save some room after the main course for Harry Potter-themed treats. These golden snitch peanut butter balls from Fun Money Mom will definitely be easier to catch than the golden snitch itself! You can also whip up a batch of sorting hat cupcakes, which will reveal a fun surprise about which house you belong in when you take a bite. Don’t forget about pumpkin pasties and chocolate frogs either! No journey to Hogwarts would be complete without them. 

“Three Butterbeers, and Some Ginger in Mine, Please”

Butterbeer Recipe

Princess Pinky Girl

Since fighting evil for seven years in a row is thirsty work, make some of Harry’s favorite drinks to wash down those snacks. Indulge in a butterbeer and your family could almost pretend you’re sitting in The Three Broomsticks with Ron and Hermione. You could also make pumpkin juice, a true Hogwarts classic, just to see what all of the fuss is about. 

Put Your Skills To The Test

Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt

More Than Thursday

Head back to the couch for the next movie, grab some snacks, and hit play. If everyone in the family has seen the movie before (a distinct possibility...), these fun activities are great to do while you have the film on in the background:  

See how well you know the wizarding world with this Harry Potter scavenger hunt quiz from More Than Thursday. The scavenger hunt has blank quotes and prompts waiting to be matched up with the right answers.

Test the kids' wizarding world knowledge with a Harry Potter-themed I-Spy game.

For something more creative, this LEGO-themed Harry Potter activity challenges kids to use LEGOs to build a series of prompts from the magical world.

Practice For Those OWLS

DIY Wands

Sisters What

Take a break from the movies to craft one-of-a-kind wands with this DIY tutorial from Sisters What.

Head to Potions Class

Polyjuice Potion

More Than Thursday

With wands at the ready, it's time potions class. Start with a simple potion to get in the swing of things. These recipes for mini potions in a bottle use lots of glitters and food coloring to mimic a full potion set. For older wizards and witches, try to master something a bit more advanced like this polyjuice potion inspired slime or this Fizzy Cauldron Cordial potion.

Play Some Quidditch


The Scrap Shoppe

After potions class, gear up and head outside to the Quidditch pitch. The Scrap Shoppe blog has found a way to play Quidditch in real life, minus the flying part. Check out the rules and see who in the family can bring home the win by catching the golden snitch!

Magic For Muggles

Scholastic Harry Potter Hardcover Book 1-7 Box Set: 0

Just because the movies are over doesn’t mean the magic from Hogwarts has to fade. You can keep the magic going a little longer by re-reading the seven-book series. This box set even includes a collectible trunk to store them in, just like the one Harry kept all of his belongings in.