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27 Highly Random White Elephant Gifts For Every Person On Your List

This year might be off, but the gift show must go on!

Megan Baldwin · 7 months ago

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As is the case with most important holiday traditions, we have no idea what compels us to join White Elephant gift exchanges each year, but the fact is, they’re here to stay. We know this year’s holiday festivities will be weird, but that’s no reason to skip your White Elephant exchange. So with gifting random things to random people in mind, we’ve put together our definitive list of truly offbeat White Elephant gifts (most under $20) for every person on your list.

1. Deer Pong



Good for: Bros of all ages 

A little bit punny, a little bit fun. This PG-rated take on your favorite frat party game won’t be in the box long, especially if your holiday party is still happening IRL.

2. Spend or Save Money Box

Yes Studios

Yes Studios

Good for: Accountants and penny pinchers

This cute penny bank lets you see your money stack up - so it’s perfect for the person on your list who’s always the first to send that Venmo request.

3. iScream Neon Effect Frame

 iScream Neon Effect Frame


Good for: Anyone who takes their Zoom calls in dark corners

You know the person who always seems to be dialing in from a well-connected cave - this DIY neon light will help brighten things up. 

4. Toysmith Cinematic Lightbox

Toysmith Cinematic Lightbox


Good for: Enthusiastic commenters and ambitious emoji users

We all have that friend/co-worker/mom who’s the first to like and always extra enthusiastic with the emojis. This DIY cinematic lightbox lets them register their reactions on a bigger screen with icons.

5. Mini Zoltar

Running Press Book Publishers

Running Press Book Publishers

Good for: The person who can’t stop doom scrolling

The future is uncertain. This tiny-sized fortune teller can help predict what comes next and hopefully give that anxious person on your list someone else to talk to.

6. Time for You Sand Timer


Chronicle Books

Good for: Busy moms and dads who NEVER have any spare time

This magical sand timer is a perfect reminder to take five. The hourglass is accompanied by hand-written prompt cards that give you a way to check in and breathe.

7. SummerCamp Homesick Candle

SummerCamp Homesick Candle

Homesick Candles

Good for: Anyone who’s been stuck inside for months (AKA everyone)

Waxing nostalgic for the days when you could just take a deep breath of fresh air without someone asking you to fix your mask? This outdoorsy candle helps bring you back to the good old days.

8. Yoga Joes Rainbow Set

Yoga Joes

Yoga Joes

Good for: Colorful yogis or people who fidget with weird things on their desk

These fun, colorful servicemen provide inspiration to strike a pose or really just desk-fidget with something other than that one gross pen.

9. Kawaii Tarot

Sterling Ethos

Sterling Ethos

Good for: Anyone who hopes the future will be cute

After a decidedly not-cute few months, this deck of Kawaii tarot cards foretells of a future filled with pastels and all things adorbs. Perfect as a gag gift for your favorite pessimist.

10. TonyMoly Sheet Mask Set

TonyMoly Sheet Mask Set


Good for: Trendy teens and anyone you see from the neck up

These days we spend a lot of facetime with our friends, families, and co-workers - so this sheet mask set, which hydrates and soothes skin, feels like a good bet for just about everyone on your list.

11. Kule Thank You Have a Nice Day Socks

Kule Thank You Have a Nice Day Socks


Good for: Cool moms, Queen Bees and brunch friends

These socks bring the cool vibes and have city street cred — so your best brunch friend will actually be thankful you drew her name.

12. Patagonia Logo Disc

Patagonia Logo Disc


Good for: Outdoorsy people, dog owners, or anyone you’ve seen wearing fleece on your Zoom calls

This is the frisbee of world-class hucking-disc champions (we’re serious). Luckily, it can also be the frisbee of any world-class human you know, if you give it to them.

13. "Do Not Lick this Book" by Idan Ben-Barak and Julian Frost

Allen & Unwin

Allen & Unwin

Good for: That friend who wears a hazmat suit to get the mail 

Microbiologist Idan Ben-Barak and award-winning illustrator Julian Frost write an ode to germs — the perfect book to keep your germaphobe friends far away from you during these Covid times.

14. "The Book with No Pictures" by B.J Novak

Dial Books

Dial Books

Good for: People with kids

This funny read-aloud book trades the illustrations for a hilarious story that gets better as you read - perfect for anyone who needs to lighten up bedtime.

15. Gro-To Skin Travel Buds Set

Gro-To Skin Travel Buds Set


Good for: Little people who go places

The great thing about soap is that we’re all (hopefully) using more of it than ever — so this adorable travel-sized kit will come in majorly handy for families on the go.

16. Adam JK Mini Notebook Set

Adam JK Mini Notebook Set

Adam JK

Good for: Emotional coworkers who like to off-load their feelings

2020 has brought out ALL of the emotions. Artist Adam JK’s notebook set offers a place to store reminders, confessions, emotions, and keeping your thoughts to yourself.

17. Library Card Yellow Mug

Out of Print

Out of Print

Good for: Book club friends and big readers

This cute coffee mug invites coziness, simply add a warm beverage and good book. This gift gets bonus points because it helps to fund literacy programs.

18. Etch-a-Sketch Classic

Etch-a-Sketch Classic

Spin Master

Good for: Internet addicts and creative nerds

There’s no Wi-Fi (or pencil) needed to enjoy this classic toy, which makes it the perfect gift for the person you know who’s always complaining about the weak Wi-Fi.

19. iScream Glitter Earbud Compact

iScream Glitter Earbud Compact


Good for: Teens or people who are always losing their ear pods

These sparkly, Bluetooth-enabled earbuds come with a charging case and are a lot cheaper than the pair that keeps getting lost.

20. Aros Tie Dye Blast Face Mask



Good for: EVERYONE!

Like soap and hand sanitizer, giving someone a face mask is the most 2020 way to say that you care. This Aros face mask fits snuggly and has a disposable filter.

21. Areaware Gradient Puzzle

Areaware Gradient Puzzle


Good for: Put together people

At first blush there’s something super-soothing about this gradient puzzle. But, surprise! This is maybe the hardest puzzle you’ll ever attempt.

22. The Blockbuster Game

The Blockbuster Game

Spin Master

Good for: Film and TV buffs

Bring back the golden era of video rentals with a movie game that’s perfectly suited for the person who never shuts up about Netflix.

23. Tiny Arcade Pac-Man

Tiny Arcade Pac-Man

Arcade Classics

Good for: People who play games on their phone

Honey, they shrunk the arcade! This mini-sized version of the classic arcade game is a fun way to encourage your favorite gamer to put their phone away and play.

24. Unstable Unicorns Base Game



Good for: People who aren’t billionaires a.k.a. unstable unicorns

Gather all of your non-billionaire friends together to play this magical game that challenges you to build a Unicorn army.

25. CalmOptics Blue Blocking Glasses

CalmOptics Blue Blocking Glasses


Good for: Remote learners

Kids are spending a lot of time in front of screens — so these kid-sized blue blocking glasses help reduce the harmful effects of prolonged tech time.

26. Microfiber Towel Scrunchies



Good for: Moms who don’t have time for self-care

With kids stuck at home, the blowout has taken a backseat. These microfiber towel scrunchies help tame the post-shower mane and deliver spa-like vibes.

27. Oregon Trail Handheld Game

71kbqbchWAL. AC SL1500

Basic Fun

Good for: Millennials who’ve traded their apartment for an airstream

For your #VanLife friends, this handheld game is the perfect reminder that there’s nothing original about putting your stuff in a trailer and traveling across the country.