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7 Ways To Level Up Your Next Family Movie Night

Help your next family movie night be all that it can be!

Daniel Fernandez · 8 months ago

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Did you know that 98.7654321% of all family movie nights around the world are way less fun than they could be? Okay, yes, I totally made up that statistic, BUT your family movie nights may be falling short of their potential to be family movie EXPERIENCES.

Here are some fun suggestions to make movie night the best day of the week!

1. Eeeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe…

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Robbie likes sci-fi comedies, Penelope likes action flicks with lots of pyrotechnics, and Gerald loves a good psychological thriller (he’s only two years old, by the way.) As you know, your family is a mixed bag of personalities and tastes. If you ever thought government negotiations moved slowly, then you’ve obviously never tried to pick a movie to watch that everyone in the house will enjoy…

So how can you make the decision process way more fun? Turn it into a competition!

The decision could be made via challenges like these:

  • Whoever finishes their chores the fastest.

  • Whoever notices Mom’s new haircut first.

  • Whoever can get the most marshmallows in Dad’s mouth as he sleeps on the couch.

Whoever wins gets to decide the movie! It’s like game night AND movie night all rolled into one; birds beware of this single stone!

2. Extreme Makeover: Movie Theme Edition!

Another great way of leveling up your next family movie night is to incorporate some themes from your movie of choice into your home!

Watching Star Wars?

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Get some lightsabers, dress up as Baby Yodas, drink blue milk, and turn your living room into the cantina on Tatooine!

Watching Mean Girls?

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Go on a nostalgia trip by eating your favorite snacks from high school. And make sure to make movie night a Wednesday and get everyone to wear pink!

Watching the Wizard of Oz?

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Decide who is dressing up as Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, and of course, Toto. Use construction paper to make a yellow brick road to follow, from grabbing snacks in the kitchen to the TV set.

Your options are limited only by your imagination!

3. Turn Your Home Into a Movie Theater!


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Another fun way to level up your family movie night is to turn your home into your very own movie theater and make sure everyone is assigned a job before the film begins!

Some fun ideas for making a movie theater at home:

  • Turn your kitchen into a concession stand with disposable popcorn buckets, boxes of candy, and a variety of sodas on offer. Decide who is going to be in charge of running the stand.

  • Choose an usher to help guide people to their seats and collect phones for an uninterrupted screening. You can even make up fake tickets to make it extra authentic.

  • Finally, someone has to operate the projector (aka. The remote)! The projectionist is in charge of closing windows, shutting off lights, and making sure the film is ready to go for your family’s screening.

4. Get in My Belly!


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Just like movie preferences, everyone’s got different tastes when it comes to the snacks they enjoy at the movies, so make sure there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Family movie night is also the perfect time to try something new!

5. Near, Far, Where-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever You Are!

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Mom is away on a business trip, your older brother is away at school, your grandparents are enjoying their retirement down in Boca Raton, and you’re starting to realize how difficult it can be to get everyone in the same place at the same time for movie night.

Just because all your family members can’t be in the same location doesn't mean they have to miss out on the fun! Thanks to modern technology, there are a variety of applications that help group movie-watching.

Check out some of these great apps for synchronized remote-viewing:

6. Two Thumbs Up, Down, or Side-to-Side!


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Now, I’m not saying that your family should start its own wildly successful Youtube channel where you gain millions of subscribers by discussing and reviewing the movies you watch, but I’m also not NOT saying that.

A post-movie discussion with your family about the “Unicorn BFFs” movie you just watched can offer some great insights into what does and doesn’t resonate with the group and why. Chatting about the movie afterward can also be a ton of fun, as it allows everyone to talk about their favorite parts, likes, and dislikes and even repeat their favorite lines. 

Here are some resources to help get the ball rolling on the conversation:

7. Movie Trivia!

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This one goes out to all my fellow movie trivia buffs out there! Adding some homemade trivia into the mix makes for some extra movie night fun and family bonding!

You can’t go wrong with some movie trivia, regardless of whether you decide to go the old-fashioned route or get all modern and hi-tech.

We hope your next family movie night is your best, and make sure you share the popcorn!