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CHORE-athlon: How to Make Chores More Fun!

Doing chores can feel like such a … chore!

Matt Harvey · about 1 year ago

Thanks for checking out our product recommendations! Just a heads-up, Camp may make some money if you shop from any of the external links on this page. Pricing and availability may have changed since this page was published.

Doing chores can feel like such a … chore! But everything is more fun when you do it with a team. Framing the completion of chores as a contribution to the family team is a great way to get your teammates on board and make sure you’re playing towards a unified goal.

To help you organize your team’s tasks, this Melissa & Doug Magnetic responsibility chart is incredibly helpful!

ArticleImg Choreathlon 1000x800 1

Credit: Heeral Chhibber / CAMP

Doing the Dishes = Dish Tetris

ArticleImg Choreathlon 1000x800 2

Credit: Heeral Chhibber / CAMP

Doing the dishes can be one of the most tedious household chores there is! Good thing we’ve got Dish Tetris to make it awesome! The rules to Dish Tetris are easy: Think strategically about how you can fit as many dishes as possible in the dish rack. Compete to see who can find a pattern that works best. Happy stacking!

Pro-tip: Start with plates in the vertical slots then move on to dishes that take up more surface area, like bowls and cups.

Recycling = The Sorting Game

It’s time to save the planet! This is a game that can be really good for the smaller friends on your family team (1-3 years old) and keys directly into the growth and development chart. It’s easy:

ArticleImg Choreathlon 1000x800 3

Credit: Heeral Chhibber / CAMP

Cleaning the Bedroom = Sidequest-Bednanza

If you’re anything like me, you’ve said “I have a system” in defense of the chaotic mess that you’ve created in your slumber palace. Cleaning up can be overwhelming, but you and your family can avoid this quagmire by playing “Sidequest Bednanza”! You are the royal family and your kingdom has been infested with dreaded Mess Nesters! Your main quest is to make your kingdom (aka, bedroom) pristine — one village (aka, space) at a time.

ArticleImg Choreathlon 1000x800 4

Credit: Heeral Chhibber / CAMP

Taking Out the Garbage = Operation:Operation

Your house is sick and you can smell it. You are The Doctor with the special skills needed to save the patient. The house has a bad case of stinky-trashcanitis and needs you to perform surgery, stat! Here’s how to perform the surgery:

ArticleImg Choreathlon 1000x800 5

Credit: Heeral Chhibber / CAMP

Cleaning the Bathroom = Eraser

The bathroom is gross! There’s stray hairs, toothpaste spatter on the mirror, and the mystery of how all that mess gets on the underside of the toilet seat. Luckily, there’s something very satisfying about seeing a messy surface being restored.

ArticleImg Choreathlon 1000x800 6

Credit: Heeral Chhibber / CAMP

You’ve done it — you’ve cleaned the bathroom! Give yourself your well earned points or just take your payment in the satisfaction of a job well done. You may not have solved the mystery of under-seat pee … but you do have a clean bathroom!

Now that we’ve given you the secret of funifying your chores, it’s time for you to make up your own mini-games and fun framing devices to make your family’s CHORE-athlon the most enjoyable experience possible! Do the thing!

And don’t forget to get a prize for the MVP!