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Transform Your Living Room Into a Theater by Staging Your Own Play

Follow this guide and turn your living room into your very own Broadway theater!

Brian Sandstrom · 6 months ago


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Do you miss the live theater? Are you longing for the sound of an audience breaking out into applause? Follow these steps, and you can learn how to come up with your own performance, gather materials to set the perfect stage, and design your own tickets to the big show. Your entire family will be giving you a standing ovation as they throw roses at your feet after your dazzling acts.

Create the Show:


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Use any of the ideas below to create your unique show. Or you can combine several of these ideas to create your own multi act show! Make it a musical by acting out a story, singing a karaoke song, AND creating your own dance!

Show Ideas

  • Sing a song by finding your favorite karaoke track on YouTube.

    Choreograph a dance to your favorite song.

    Do stand up comedy and tell your favorite jokes.

    Read and act out some of your favorite poems (like Shel Silverstein!).

    Write your own unique scene and act it yourself.

    Retell one of your favorite family stories.

    Write a two person scene and act it out with a family member.

    Act out one of your favorite stories or movies. Bonus points if you have different costumes for the characters. 

    Stage a show by moving your favorite action figures or stuffed animals around the stage as they act out your story.

    Show off some of your favorite magic tricks..

Set the Stage:


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Every star needs a stage, so follow these steps to physically transform your room into the perfect theatre fit for your show.

Stage Ideas

  • Hang a sheet on the wall as a backdrop, or as a curtain you can hide behind.

    Put lamps or flashlights in a box to create footlights that designate the stage.

    Are there any props you will need for your show? Make sure you have them ready to go on your stage. Maybe a microphone or a knight’s sword!

    Set up chairs or pillows on the ground for your audience to sit on.

    Want to fill your audience to capacity? Sit your favorite stuffed animals and action figures all around the room to give you a standing ovation.

    Need a spotlight? Put a flexible desk lamp in the back of the room and aim it at your hanging sheet!

    Grab some silly costumes that you can wear for the show!

Pass Out Tickets for a Sold Out House:


Make your performance feel like a real show by making and passing out your own tickets! 

Ticket Ideas

  • Design your own tickets by cutting out squares of paper and drawing on them. Make sure to include the name of your show and the start time!

    Can you come up with a silly theater name? (“Studio Apartment 54!” “Bonus Room Playhouse!” “Brian’s Bedroom Ballroom!”)

    Hand them out to everyone in your house to announce your big performance.

Write Your Own Mini Play:


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If you want the extra challenge of writing your own show, here are some tips to get you started!

How to Write a Play

  • When writing a script, just focus on what people are actually saying! You don’t need to include everything you read in a book such as “Brian walked down the hall.” The character on stage will DO the walking!

    It helps to write the name of who is saying each line! For example: Brian: Let’s go on an adventure into these woods! Avery: But I’m scared we will run into a giant monster! Brian: Well then take this bow and arrow, we can defend ourselves!

    Decide on the genre! Are you writing a comedy? An action? A love story? This will help guide your writing.

    For inspiration, try writing a sequel to a movie you love or an adaptation of your favorite book. 

    Extra bonus: Why not combine two characters from different stories and have them meet! Imagine Peter Pan and Spider-Man meeting and playing pranks on each other.

    Can’t think of what to write? Try following some of these story prompts for silly play ideas!

Now you have everything you need to completely transform any room in your house into a magnificent theater for your dazzling performances! The show must go on, and it is up to you to make it happen.