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If You Do One Thing This Holiday, Make It Our White Elephant Gift Exchange

We’ve dreamed up a much safer (and still crazy-fun) way to partake in the ultimate holiday party tradition

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The holidays can be a weird time even in the most ordinary of years — so in the interest of keeping stress levels down and gift-giving up, we’ve done almost all the planning for you, including delivering everything where it needs to go.


So whether you’re looking for a fun way to gather the extended family together or do something with your coworkers that’s not another Zoom call, CAMP's White E-lephant Gift Exchange is here to help.

Here’s how to partake in our extremely 2020 white elephant party

For the uninitiated, a white elephant gift exchange is basically like Secret Santa, but adds the kind of behavior that would get you ousted from the North Pole. Think: strategizing, swapping, and if all else fails, stealing.

Our virtual version works just like a classic white elephant exchange, except we’ve made it possible for you to get your unwrap on from a safe distance. Want in?

Step 1: Set up your gift exchange


Save the date, give your party a name, and launch your gift exchange with CAMP's virtual White E-lephant platform.

Step 2: Invite your family, friends, or favorite Zoom coworkers to join you


There’s no limit to how big or small your exchange can be, so make your guest list, check it twice, then hit send. It definitely works best to connect with your folks and friends on a service like Zoom while you're playing so you can let people know in real time how you feel about the gifts they brought.

Step 3: Pick the perfect present


We’ve got over 300 products for you to choose from, so you’re bound to find something good in there. Might we recommend the TACOsaurus Rex Taco Holder? Who wouldn’t want that.

Remember: You’re not shopping for yourself here!


You (probably) won’t wind up with the gift you’re buying, so try to choose something truly steal-worthy.

You're buying a gift for someone else, but use your own address when you check out so we know where to ship your gift.

Step 4: Get this party started


Once everyone has purchased their gifts, it’s time to start the party. Don’t worry, we’ll send you a notification when it’s time to kick things off. All you need to do is show up and start scheming.

Step 5: Flip a card to choose a gift...or steal someone else's gift.


When it’s your turn to choose a gift, you can either flip over a card to get a new gift, or you can steal a gift that someone already chose.

Don’t worry, if Grandma nabs your gift, you’ll get the chance to choose or steal a new one.

Step 6: Flip over all those dang cards.


You just keep on keeping on until everyone has a gift. We’ve choreographed this thing down to the delivery, so sit tight while your winning present is in transit to your doorstep.

That's it! Your gift exchange is done!


Once all the cards are flipped and all the gifts are claimed, your White E-lephant gift exchange is all done. We hope you had fun! We'll ship you the gift you ended up with ASAP, so keep an eye out on your doorstep. And enjoy with your T-Rex taco holder!