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Spring-Adjacent Games for an Almost-but-Not-Quite Outdoors Spring Birthday Celebration

Spring birthday parties can be tricky weather-wise — these fun party games work inside or out!

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

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Spring birthdays fall right in that tricky-weather part of the year. One day it could feel like the middle of the summer, the next day not so much. With the fluctuating temperatures, it only makes sense to plan birthday party games and activities that can work both inside and out. Check out these ideas for some inspiration and hopefully, the weather will be on your side as you plan your kiddo's special day. 

Guess What's in the Balloon


Edventures With Kids

Your little will have to embrace all five senses to figure out what’s hiding inside the balloon during this fun sensory activity turned party game. Before the guests arrive, fill a bunch of balloons with simple ingredients such as popcorn kernels, dried coffee beans, sand, or water. Try to fill each balloon evenly to make the guessing even harder. With the balloons filled, have guests see if they can guess the item by feeling, listening, and examining the balloon at hand. This activity is great both inside and out, but it's probably a good idea to place a tablecloth or tray below the balloons to play this game inside.

Human Ring Toss Game

IMG 3328-human-ring-toss-2

Kid Friendly Things to Do

It will be hard to keep a straight face during a human ring toss game, but keeping it together is a must when a win is at stake! Human ring toss is a fun riff on the classic game. Instead of trying to throw rings around sticks, players work in pairs trying to throw inflatable pool rings around one another. It might sound crazy, but it's a total blast play. If the party is forced inside, just make sure there's an open area wide enough to throw the pool rings. Feel free to get creative with the rules, but if more guidelines are in order, check out Kid Friendly Things To Do and their set of standards for the game.

Giant DIY Outdoor Kerplunk Game


Dazzle Designs

If playing the board game Kerplunk is a household favorite, then the whole family will love the giant DIY version even better. In this IRL version, the sticks become PVC pipes and the marbles turn into ball pit balls. The rules of the classic board game otherwise stay the same. However, the game has a different challenge now that the pieces are ten times bigger. This game works both inside or out, so it’s great to keep in mind regardless of the weather. See how to make this giant version over on Design Dazzle

Scavenger Hunts


Play Party Plan

Scavenger hunts are one of those activities that can be different no matter how many times they're done. Not only can the difficulty be adjusted depending on the age range of your kiddo's guests, but a good scavenger hunt can also be done with photos or even a simple checklist. Scavenger hunts are also easy to customize to match the theme of any party — just check out these Star Wars or Disney-themed party scavenger hunts for some inspiration!

Giant Jenga


The Idea Room

Take the competition to a new level with giant Jenga. If you’re pretty handy, you can build your kiddo their own version and give the tiles a personalized spin with a custom paint job. No worries if tools aren’t your thing, you can easily buy a set already prepared as well. This game is great both outdoors on the grass or inside, just make sure the setup isn’t near anything breakable if the pieces come tumbling down! 

Giant Cardboard Scrabble


Julie Measures

Just like the classic word game, this giant scrabble board will have every player thinking of the strangest word combinations possible. But while this giant-sized version doesn’t require bigger words, they will still get you plenty of fun points. Take this one to the lawn or right to the basement floor.

DIY Fishing Game


Hello Little Home

Want to go fishing inside and outside? Well, now it's possible thanks to this homemade fishing game from Hello Little Home. The clever fishing game uses magnets to catch fish, just like the classic carnival game. To make the game a bit more competitive, assign each fish a certain amount of points and see who can rack up the most by the end of the party. Don’t worry about bringing this game inside, the fish are fine without any water, making this game very portable. 

Flamingo Ring Toss Game


Sugar and Cloth

Bet you never thought you’d be playing ring toss with a bunch of plastic flamingoes. Well, thanks to this clever idea, it will quickly become your new go-to party game. This game goes great with any party theme, especially if you have an animal lover or a little one who is obsessed with the color pink. Head on over to Sugar and Cloth where you’ll find out how to play this game with or without a lawn. 

DIY Photobooth


DIY Photobooth

Take memories of the party home and have a great time doing it with a DIY photo booth. Making a photo booth can be as creative as you want it to be. Definitely use a Polaroid for instant printouts, so your kiddo and their guests don’t have to wait. Otherwise, everything else is up to you – the party planning grown-up. Choose props, fun expressions to hold up, or even make a streamer background that can be taken inside if needed.