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Fun Facts About Your June Birthday

June kids are blessed with sunshine and born with optimism (according to science!).

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns

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Can we all agree, June is one of the best months of the year? It marks the beginning of summer, good times, and a special someone’s birthday! Lucky for you, June babies, sunshine is not the only thing you’re blessed with! Science suggests June kids have been gifted with a unique set of skills and health benefits that make them brighter than the sun on a hot summer’s day. To celebrate the ray of sunshine that you are, find out what your birth month says about you!

1. June kids are BIGGER AND TALLER


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Reaching for items on the top shelf shouldn’t be a problem for June-born kids! According to a Cambridge University study of 450,000 people from the UK, people born in June tend to be taller when they grow up into adults compared to their peers.

2. June kids don’t experience WINTER BLUES


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When you’re born during one of the sunniest months of the year, what’s there to feel down about? Research suggests that people born with June birthdays are less likely to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder compared to people born during the winter months.

3. June kids are POSITIVE PEOPLE


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Summer babies, like their spring pals, tend to be more optimistic. They’re found to have a hyperthymic temperament — in other words, a bright, upbeat disposition. Better yet, summer kids tend to be at lower risk for mental illnesses like depression and schizophrenia.

4. June kids can be prone to MOOD SWINGS


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While people born in June tend to be positive people, they could be susceptible to mood swings due to their cyclothymic temperament. Luckily though, they can swing right back to being positive again in no time.

5. June kids are more likely to win NOBEL PRIZES


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The Nobel Prize is one of the world’s most prestigious awards, and data suggests the odds are in June kids’ favor! Although the findings were not published in a scientific journal, preliminary data indicates that people with June birthdays had significantly more Nobel Laureates than any other birth month.

6. June kids are NIGHT OWLS


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According to a study in the journal Sleep, parents of summer (and spring) babies won’t be getting much sleep! Research suggests people with spring and summer birthdays generally go to bed later than those born in the fall and winter.



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Research suggests thrill-seeking behavior is more common among those born in fall and winter, who exhibit the highest dopamine levels. Meanwhile, kids born in June (and May) had the lowest dopamine levels, meaning they’re less likely to take risks compared to their fall and winter pals.

8. June kids may have BETTER INTERNAL CLOCKS


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Being born during the month of June could mean you have a better internal clock… if you’re a mouse! However, study authors suspect this could be true for humans, too! This fascinating study featured in Nature Neuroscience found that when newborn mice were exposed to summer light cycles, they exhibited a consistent internal clock and predictable behavioral patterns compared to mice exposed to winter light cycles prior to weaning. These findings didn’t change even when mice in the winter group were exposed to summer light after weaning. Researchers believe this could be the result of seasonal imprinting!

9. June kids share a birth month with THE STARS


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June is the birth month of some very high-profile A-list celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, Ariana Grande, Kanye West, Meryl Streep — meaning some of that star quality has clearly rubbed off onto you, obviously!

10. June kids are at NO GREATER RISK OF DISEASE


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Fortunately for June-born kids, studies find they’re at no greater risk of disease! While there aren’t any disease protections for people with June birthdays, we’ll celebrate not being at a disadvantage in the health department! Phew!