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Kids Review the CAMP Present Shop

We asked real, actual kids to give our Present Shop a test-drive. Here's what they said (spoiler alert: they dig it).

Camp Stores · 4 months ago

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Letting kids shop for presents for their friends' birthdays or for big holidays (cough, Father's Day cough cough) used to be, well, kind of a pain. Parents either needed to take kids to an actual physical store, or we just bought something online and let the kids draw a card. But now there's Present Shop!

Present Shop is the very first safe, secure way for kids to shop online for presents for friends, family, or even themselves. Parents pick a budget and enter the shipping address, and Camp's friendly online shopping coach Scout will guide kids through the rest of the process. Everything in the shop is super-cool and hand-picked by our homegrown team of Fun Experts for specific ages and interests. Kids get to make a special card, and the whole thing gets shipped in a nifty, present-y box.

And it's fun — like playing a game! Or like being coached through your shopping experience by a slightly silly bear. In a vest. Actually, it's exactly like that.

We let a group of Highly Scientific Kid Testers do a test drive of Present Shop to see if they liked it. Here's what they had to say!

"This is actually fun. I want to spend my birthday money here. Mom? Can I have my birthday money early? "

Averil, age 10-but-almost-11-like-seriously-tomorrow

Averil's review:

  • Thumbs: Up

  • Stars: Five

  • Bought a present for: Dad for Father’s Day (sssshh)

"Is this for real? Like I can just shop all by myself? And you don’t get to tell me to put that back?"

Madeline, age 7.5 because half years are important

(Promptly ran up to her room and brought down her piggy bank to convert it to Present Shop codes.)

Madeline's review:

  • Thumbs: Confirmed, has two thumbs

  • Stars: Five

  • Bought a present for: Father’s Day and then shopped for herself too

"I like this bear. I liked that he helped me ‘cuz I can’t read well until I get to kindergarten. Also I liked that I can buy myself things that I get to pick. I’ll shop for you too, mama!"

Charlotte, age 5

Charlotte's review:

  • Thumbs: Up!

  • Stars: Confinity (a word she has made up)

  • Shopped for: Herself for getting all her chores done all month!

"Scout the bear only wears a t-shirt and no underwear. He’s great. I want to buy a lot more presents. Maybe for grandma's birthday coming up"

Rocco, Age 4

Rocco's feelings about pants are clear.

Rocco's review:

  • Thumbs: To the moon

  • Bought a present for: Himself, his brother

"I love the card part. It’s great that kids can customize a card because you can make it personal. I also love that they have Star Wars stuff. My dad loves Star Wars. I do too."

Lily, age 11

Lily's review:

  • Thumbs: Up

  • Bought a present for: Father's Day

"Loved it! Helped me find perfect presents that I didn’t even know existed like a mini drum kit for my dad. Family band coming up! "

Sasha, age 12

Sasha's review:

  • Thumbs: 👍👍👍

  • Bought a present for: Father's Day

"I really like buying things on the computer. I feel like a grown up parent. Just like mommy."

Stephen, age 4

Stephen's review:

  • Thumbs: Up

  • Bought a present for: Just Because

There you have it, folks. Actual product testing notes from actual kids about the actual experience of using Present Shop! Try it out yourself, and tell Scout to put on some pants.