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9 Fan Theories We Hope to See on “Loki”

From significant character introductions to revisiting past events in the MCU, "Loki" is going to be packed with excitement.

Graham Steinberg · 3 minutes ago



We may say this about every MCU release, but Loki will be a MASSIVE series. Little is known about the actual plot, beyond Loki fixing the timeline with bureaucrats from the Time Variance Authority. Let’s speculate wildly!

1. The series will introduce various versions of Loki


Marvel Comics

Probably the closest to being confirmed, Loki will likely team up with alternative versions of himself in the series. We have long heard that Lady Loki and Kid Loki are likely to join the MCU at some point, and this multiversal adventure seems like a logical place. Several actors have been cast but not given characters, and rumors are swirling that Sophia Di Martino will be playing Lady Loki. There’s a red-haired woman in the trailers that some speculated might be Black Widow, but it’s likely Di Martino based on set photos. She’ll be joined by acclaimed British actor Richard E. Grant, who most assume will play an older version of the God of Mischief.

2. “Loki” will draw inspiration from some major real-life conspiracy theories



This one has stemmed from a specific scene in the trailer where Loki is dressed like notorious plane hijacker D.B. Cooper. The setting and time period seem to confirm this as well. Many have speculated that this means Loki will explore actual historical events and tamper with them. This theory would play well into Loki’s persona and the series’ use of the TVA. How significant these sorts of events may be to the plot is still unknown.

3. It will lead into the next Doctor Strange and/or Thor films



Series writer Michael Waldron has teased that Loki will have “wide-reaching” effects on the rest of the MCU. His appearance in the second Doctor Strange has been all but confirmed (especially considering that Waldron has been added as a writer to that film), and it would seem wrong if he didn’t at least make a cameo in Thor: Love and Thunder.

4. Some major cameos may be in the works



Everyone from Captain America, Thor, Doctor Strange (see above), and even Thanos has been rumored to make appearances in the series, however brief they may be. I doubt this one because neither WandaVision nor Falcon and the Winter Soldier had any major cameos, and it seems like Disney wants to use these shows to focus on less utilized characters.

5. Loki will see what it would have been like if he won in “The Avengers”



We know that this version of Loki never went through the same humbling he did in the MCU because most of this happened after The Avengers. This means our new version of Loki will somehow have to go from being that film’s villain back to the antihero he had become by the time of Infinity War. One of the ways this is expected to happen is by having Loki visit an alternative history where he had won in the battle of New York and witness the destruction it caused. Some even believe that the series will lead to Loki having to save the Avengers across different timelines.

6. Loki will (somehow) rejoin the main timeline



Remember, the Loki in this series is from an alternate reality where he escapes with the Tesseract. It has been widely speculated that Loki will somehow rejoin the main timeline at the show’s conclusion. Some believe that this alternative version of Loki may swap places with the MCU Loki during one of his mysterious deaths (either from The Dark World or Infinity War) so that the latter lives. Others believe he may just replace the now deceased Loki in our timeline. No matter what, it seems like we definitely aren’t done with the God of Mischief after this.

7. It will introduce the concept of Mephisto



With that big fake-out in Wandavision and no casting rumors on the horizon, it seems unlikely Mephisto will actually appear in this series (but we could certainly be wrong). However, a key visual from the trailer leads us to believe that Mephisto’s existence may be referenced. A devil-like figure is shown on stained glass in a scene with Mobius. It’s not much to go off of, but Mephisto’s presence in the MCU has been teased for a long-time, and it looks like we are in for some more of that, at least.

8. The series will introduce Kang the Conqueror



This is the big one. It has already been confirmed that one of my new favorite actors, Jonathan Majors (Lovecraft Country, The Last Black Man in San Francisco), will be playing the time-traveling villain in the upcoming Ant-Man threequel, and he is very likely to be the MCU’s next big bad after Thanos. Many have speculated that a character of this proportion will appear before that film, however, and Loki seems like the best place for a first introduction. Additionally, the announcement that Ravonna Renslayer (an important character with connections to Kang) will be featured further lends itself to this theory.

9. The middle “M” in Mobius M. Mobius stands for Mobius



Okay, I haven’t heard this anywhere, but it has to, right?