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Here's a Teacher-Approved Way to Help Kids Learn to Write Thank You Notes

Show your kid's favorite teacher your appreciation with a DIY thank you card kit from Manners&Co, a teacher-founded company that helps kids learn etiquette basics.

Matt Harvey

Manners Co ThankYou

Manners & Co.

Teachers are the magical people who help guide our kids towards becoming the people they intend to be. They show us how to do things, they feed us facts that help shape our perspectives, they coach us with their feedback, and they’re invested in helping us develop into wonderful people who will go on to achieve great things in the world. Some of the most influential people in our lives are our teachers, and they deserve a thank you — enter Manners&Co.



Manners&Co. was started by a teacher who believes that learning things like gratitude, civility, compassion, and respect can actually be fun! Gone are the dusty ol’ days of the dry and dreary finishing school (having never attended finishing school, I’m not sure if it’s actually dry and dreary, I just imagine there are a lot of rules, librarian cough scoffs, and general stuffiness). Here and now, we have the Mannered Monsters to help us teach kids how to express their very human feelings of gratitude and thankfulness in engaging and joyous ways!



Rather than just having more traditional blank thank you cards emblazoned with the words "thank you” in a gold foil fancy font (still thoughtful and nice) — Manners&Co. thank you cards feature vibrant illustrations of adorable, silly monsters with prompts inside! Kids learn to be specific about who they are thanking, what the thank you is for, and how the person they’re thanking made them feel. Kids will feel great expressing their gratitude with mindful intention, and teachers will love the appreciation!



This year for Teacher Appreciation Week (which should be all year), or as a gesture of appreciation for the end of the school year, work with your little one to give thanks in an impactful way. Mannered Monster Thank You Cards make it super-easy for kids to show their gratitude for the people who matter to them.

Updated June 2022