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A-May-Zing Birthday Party Ideas for May Birthday Kids

Llamas, firefighters, Derby Day, and a galaxy far, far away are just a few of our fun party inspirations for May birthdays!

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

Llama Party

Made By a Princess Parties

Happy birthday to everybody celebrating a birthday in May! Start your birthday off right with a blowout celebration. Still need some inspiration for a theme? No worries, we’ve got you covered with a list of ideas just for May birthday kids. Check out the ideas below for an exciting celebration, guaranteed!

Harry Potter Day Party


Kids Activities Blog

Spend the day celebrating your birthday at Hogwarts with Harry, Ron, and Hermione in honor of International Harry Potter Day on May 2. Invite your guests over with an official acceptance letter to Hogwarts and let them travel through Platform 9 3/4 to arrive at the celebration. As they appear, sort them into houses and set up a station for everyone to make their own wand. Finish off the party with a big game of Quidditch and some celebratory butterbeers! Head over to Kids Activities Blog to see how to channel even more magic into your special day. 

Star Wars Party


Play Party Plan

Spend the day with your favorite Jedis and celebrate Star Wars Day — May 4 — with a Star Wars-themed celebration. Start the day going through Jedi training and learn how to master your lightsaber. Take a break from all of the training and fuel up with some Stormtrooper cupcakes or Baby Yoda Rice Krispy treats from the Cantina. Finish up the celebration by breaking open a BB-8 pinata. Check out Party City’s site for more inspiration. May the force be with you! 

Kentucky Derby Day Party


Hostess With The Mostess

It’s time for some horsing around! Celebrate the Kentucky Derby and throw a mini Derby Party of your own. Set the dress code to Derby chic — the bigger the hat, the better. Treat your guests to a bar full of mocktail mint juleps or fresh mint lemonade. When it’s time for the main event, turn your guests into jockeys and let them get in on the competition with a pool noodle horse race. Finish off the celebration with a slice of traditional Derby Pie. Race on over to Hostess With The Mostess for more Kentucky Derby party ideas. 

National Train Day Party


Hostess With The Mostess

All aboard! Time to hop on the express route and head straight to your train-themed birthday party in honor of National Train Day (May 8). Send train ticket invites out to your guests and give everyone a conductor’s hat when they arrive. Set up a station for your guests to craft a train out of toilet paper roll to take on an adventure of their own. For dessert, swap out a traditional cake and replace it with a candy train. Get even more inspiration over on Hostess With The Mostess

International Tiara Day Princess Party


Stylish Cravings

Celebrate International Tiara Day (yep, it's a thing: May 24th) with a full-blown princess party. Dress up as your favorite princess and spend the day living like royalty. Set up a station for your guests to craft their very own tiara and decorate their dream castle. When you're all decked out in your DIY tiaras, put your princess skills to the test with a round of princess-themed games. For dessert, skip the traditional cake and go with a princess pull apart cupcake cake. Find even more ideas for a princess-themed party over on Momo Party’s site.

Ice Cream Party


Fun 365

Ice cream is always a good idea — especially when it comes to a birthday party theme. Spend the day basking in a sugar coma with ice cream at every corner. We're talking about an ice cream sandwich making station, an ice cream sundae bar, and a create-your-own-flavor stop. Take a break from all of the sweets to make an ice cream cone that won't melt. To finish off the celebration, dig into some ice cream cake — and offer your guests to-go bags, just in case the brain freeze has gotten to them for the day. Get the scoop and more party ideas over on Pretty My Party.

International Firefighters Day Party

firefighter day party

Project Nursery

Sound the alarms and join in on the celebration of International Firefighters Day (May 4th) with a firefighter-themed party. Decorate the room just like the inside of a fire station and make sure each of your guests has their very own fire helmet — you know, to always be prepared. Then, head outside and make sure your skills are up to par and give the firefighter training obstacle course a run-through. If you pull enough strings, you might be able to get a firetruck to visit your party IRL! Check out more red hot ideas over on Project Nursery

Emerald Green Party

Embrace everything green and throw an emerald green birthday party to mark May’s birthday stone. Don’t be shy when it comes to the emerald green theme — go all out with a green balloon arch, green streamers, and even set the dress code to all green. Don’t let the emerald green theme stop at the decorations either. Go with a green menu for party food and serve guacamole and a green-themed vegetable charcuterie board. Finish off the party and wow your guests with this geode cake. It will almost be too pretty to eat — well, almost. 

National Golf Day Party


Craft Klatch

If you love to play golf and have a birthday in May, it seems like you were meant to throw a golf-themed birthday party honoring National Golf Day, which falls at the beginning of May. Set up a mini-golf course in the backyard and see who can come in under par. After you hit the rounds, turn your attention to the crafting station and learn how you turn a a golf ball into an adorable penguin. Head on over to Kara’s Party Ideas to get the inside scoop for throwing a golf birthday of your very own. 

Paranormal Party


Lazy Sunday Cooking

Halloween might not be for another few months, but thanks to Paranormal Day (May 3), you can easily throw a spooky birthday party and get away with the theme. Dive headfirst into the theme and serve ghost cake pops and "vampire's blood punch." Attempt to enjoy the treats as you walk through the basement-turned haunted house full of scary and mysterious decorations. End the party by playing ghost party games and telling ghost stores — that is, if you can handle all of the spookiness. Get more party inspo over on Lazy Sunday Cooking

Llama Party


Made By a Princess Parties

Llamas are all the rage, and giving unicorns a run for their money. Embrace the fluffy and wacky animal with an all out birthday party honoring the goofy llama. Don't hesitate when it comes to llama decorations. Go all in with a llama poster, llama-themed balloons, and even set up a llama-inspired photo booth. Complete the celebration by collecting as much candy as you can from a trendy llama pinata. Check out more llama-inspired ideas over on Made By a Princess Parties

Rockstar Party


Smart Party Planning

Celebrate your birthday on stage with a rockstar party. Curate the perfect playlist and hit play as your guests start to arrive. Spend the party making music videos and taking hundreds of pictures in the rockstar photobooth. When everyone's got the set list down, split into two groups and rock out battle-of-the-bands style. Find your way to the top of the charts and see more party inspo over on Smart Party Planning

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Updated April 2022