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Mid-Day Movement Breaks That Encourage Maximum Silliness

Get crazy, get loose, shake your caboose — these extremely silly song breaks are guaranteed to make you move!

Erica Silverstein

Silly dance breaks


When virtual school has been a slog, kids — and parents — need an extra-silly pick-me-up to get us laughing again. Bring on the wiggles and giggles with these short movement break video clips. String a couple together to get the whole family dancing their school and workday blues away.

1. Shake Your Sillies Out by The Learning Station

When you’ve lost your sillies during a morning of online school, all you gotta do is shake them out, and you’ll find them again. Hop, clap, and stretch along with the video to pursue the ultimate goal of wiggling your waggles away.

2. Banana Banana Meatball by GoNoodle

Bananas ... with meatballs? Sounds disgusting. But you don’t have to eat it — you just have to dance it. “Banana banana meatball” is one of the dance routines the Blazer Fresh team will have your family jamming out as you learn about patterns in a hip-hoppity and extremely silly way.

3. I Am a Robot by Kymberly Stewart

Kids have bonded with computers so much this year that perhaps they feel like they’re part robot. But are they silly robots who like to dance and spin and swim and hop on one foot? They will be after this mind- and body-whirling combo song and dance number.

4. Waka Waka with Just Dance Kids

Kids adore Shakira’s “Waka Waka” song because of its upbeat tune and lyrics reminiscent of Fozzie Bear's trademark "waka waka." (Fun fact: The words are actually from the Cameroonian Fang language.) Play this video from the Just Dance Kids video game version of the song, and your whole family will be out of their desk chairs and waving their arms in no time.

5. All I Eat Is Pizza by Koo Koo Kanga Roo

The moves are simple and repetitive, but if you’re going for silly, you can’t beat dancing-and-smiling pizza cartoons and grown men surfing on flying pepperoni pizza surfboards with rocket engines. Be sure to have post-break snacks at the ready because the kids’ll be craving pizza after this wiggly workout.

6. Body Boogie by The Learning Station

The Body Boogie is the amped-up, rock-n-roll companion to the Hokey Pokey. In each verse, the on-screen dance team highlights a body part to shake up and down before spinning your body around and riffing out an air guitar solo. For maximum silliness, let down your hair for some serious head-banging.

7. Kidz Bop Shuffle by Kidz Bop

Embrace the line dance love! This is the Kidz Bop version of the “Cupid Shuffle,” highlight of cruise ship deck parties and middle school dances. The lyrics will tell you what to do, but the style points are earned in how you “walk it by yourself.”

8. Alphabet Dance

Once you see the Alphabet Dance, you can’t unsee it. This dude in a red track suit and slip-on sneakers (no socks) dances every letter in the alphabet to a repetitive beat that will soon be burned on your brain. It’s utterly bizarre, but so are the rules of English grammar you’ve been learning all morning. So why not join him in a school-break shimmy?

9. Trolls: Can’t Stop the Feeling by Go Noodle

Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling” from the Trolls movie is another kid-favorite dance tune, perfect for putting the pep back in any (rainbow) pooped-out schoolkid’s step. When a dance break is in order, cue up this video version from Go Noodle, which stars an assortment of oddly serious-looking Trolls busting out the moves along with their kid counterparts.

10. Romp Bomp A Stomp by The Wiggles

Any band named The Wiggles has got to be good for a movement break, right? The old-time rock-n-roll vibe of this number is great for a minute and a half of heart-pounding jumping up and down. Throw in a little twist and shout if you dare — and then loudly debate whether the spotted creature in the front is a dinosaur, a dragon, or something else entirely.

11. Tooty Ta by Jack Hartman

This song is a recipe for surefire silliness. Bizarre, nonsense lyrics that sound vaguely naughty? Check. Crazy poses you must adopt while singing and swinging your hips? Check. A command to stick your tongues out? Check. Cue the giggle fit.

12. You Can’t Always Get What You Want by Yo Gabba Gabba

A band of wild monsters (one of whom apparently harbors secret dreams of being an opera singer) lays out a basic fact most kids already know: You can’t always get what you want, and it’s no good to whine. But if this sounds like a bit of a downer, just wait for the special guest appearance by Jack Black, doing what he does best: Dancing around like a maniac, wearing a track suit and a fur hat. Join the master in doing his moves and laugh your fur hat off.

13. Breakfast Burrito by Parry Gripp

Ain't no party like a Breakfast Burrito party cause a breakfast burrito party includes cheese. Dance along with the animated burrito in this inspired homage to the best breakfast ever. Bonus points for throwing your skinny little burrito arms in the air and wiggling them like you just don’t care.

14. Kulikitaka by Toño Rosario from Just Dance Kids

The moves are fun and easy to master, the song is an infectious bop, and the grumpy cats in the background are just… <chef’s kiss>