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Plan Your Halloween Outfit With This Monster Mashup Costume Idea Generator

Use this Halloween costume generator to come up with totally unique, borderline-weird costume ideas (Shark-Riding Tiny Frankenstein!) — inspired by you.

Jack Shepherd

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Heeral Chhibber

It’s never too early to come up with a Halloween costume idea, because the best costumes take a lot of planning. Fortunately, the secret to generating a completely one-of-a-kind costume that the world is almost certainly not ready for lies within your own name and birthday. Just follow the steps in this genius costume-idea generator and then imagine yourself wowing all your friends and neighbors with a truly unique costume concept that’s just for you!

1. Month you were born:

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2. First letter of your first name:

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3. First letter of your last name:

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For example:

Super-Glam Baby Dracula

04 Article MonsterMashup Examples 690x500

Shark-Riding Tiny Frankenstein

05 Article MonsterMashup Examples 690x500 1

Cat Lady Old Witch

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The best thing about the Monster Mashup Halloween Costume Idea Generator: Even though we've given you some rules, the truth is there are no rules! Use any wackdoodle combination of elements that work for you — let the creative inspiration fly like a witch with a jetpack broom.

Happy Halloween!

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