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Music CAMP: Bath Time

Why is bath time the very best time of day? Oh, we're about to tell ya. In SONG FORM.

Music Mondays

Music CAMP: The Album

What's your personal record for number of baths per week? If it hovers anywhere near the 3-to-5-baths range, you're going to want to watch this week's Music CAMP song for a little sudsy inspiration. Got a kid that HATES getting a bath? They'll give this a listen, and quickly change their tune. So grab that soap and that bub and get ready to scrub... and dance!

Now Streaming! Music CAMP: The Family Album

Music CAMP: The Family Album is 11 tracks of family-dance-party-worthy bops from CAMP's own Counselor Matt and Counselor Dan — and you can stream it anywhere!

It's Bath Time!

Updated June 2022