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Music CAMP: Sneakin' Off With the Tablet

Counselor Dan and Counselor Matt do the naughtiest thing imaginable: iPad crimes.

Music Mondays

Music CAMP: The Album

It's 3:40 p.m. and you've been in virtual classrooms and Zoom meetings all day. Finally, you have a moment to yourself, and even though you know you have something you should be focused on, your mind starts to drift to more pleasurable pursuits. There's a lot of options for killing time, but you've got your eye on the prize. There's only one cure for these boredom blues, and it's a quick game on the family iPad.

But there's a problem. You see, the family iPad is in Mom's office ... and so is Mom. Can you get in and sneak off with the iPad without her noticing, or worse yet, without your conscience getting the better of you?

If this scenario sounds familiar, then we've got a song for you...

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