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Neat Nature Nasties! Did You Know Some Whales Can Make Underwater Poop Tornadoes?

A tale of some divers that genuinely had the crappiest day imaginable.

Sarah Burns


CSA Images / Getty Images

When cats feel threatened, they curve their spines upwards in an attempt to make themselves appear larger. When humans feel threatened, they lash out in anger or weird nervous laughter in an attempt to keep any potential baddies at bay. But imagine if you could summon a raging tornado to envelope your enemy, leaving them confused, temporarily immobile, and completely covered in your poop.

No, we’re not talking about some useless superhuman ability. In fact, we’re not talking about a human ability at all! If you have this uncanny superpower, you’re most likely a sperm whale.

While little is known about these fascinating physeters (aka. toothed whales), it’s speculated this defecation defense mechanism, described as a “poo-nado,” is typically used against the sperm whale’s natural enemy: the squid. It has been observed and documented by some of the unluckiest scuba divers ever to enter the ocean ... EVER!


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