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Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About November Birthdays

November is a month of gratitude — and November-born kids have a LOT to be grateful for!

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns

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November 11 is considered the luckiest day of the year — according to numerology and astrology. But November-born kids are lucky every day of the year — according to science! Studies suggest being born during the month of November makes you extra special — more so than if you were born any other time of the year. Keep reading to find out why your birthday month gives you the edge! 

1. November kids tend to be BIGGER



And we’re not just talking about those big personalities and hearts! According to research out of Harvard, kids born during this time of year are bigger at birth and through childhood. Apparently, the colder months could be the reason why November kids are born longer at birth and taller and heavier at age seven.

2. November kids are HAPPY



With so much for November kids to be happy about, it perhaps comes as no surprise that November-born kids see their cup half full (not half empty)! Word is, they’re found to have lower rates of clinical depression compared to those born in the spring, according to research, that is! 

3. November kids are GOOD SLEEPERS



Already tired parents can breathe a collective sigh of relief as research suggests kids born in November are less likely to be night owls compared to their peers! Fall and winter kids are more likely to get an early night. Meanwhile, spring and summer kids generally go to bed later in comparison.

4. November kids are MORE LIKELY TO BE LEFT-HANDED



Left-handers make up only 10% of people in the world, and if you’re born in November (and you’re a boy), chances are you’ll be among the rare few! According to research, the biggest number of average left-handers (among boys) fell between Halloween and New Year’s Eve. 

5. November kids are ATHLETES



Are you the next Alex Morgan or Michael Phelps? A study on athletic ability in school kids found that those born in November are more athletically inclined, and the research goes on to suggest they outperform their peers by 10 to 15%.

6. November kids are at LOWER RISK OF DISEASE



There’s nothing more important than your health — and fortunately, for November-born kids, health is (statistically) on their side. Research suggests that kids born during November are less likely to develop immune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis. 

7. November kids have HEALTHY TICKERS



And, while we’re on the topic of health, another study from Columbia University found that babies born in November appear less likely than those born in other months to develop heart problems!

8. November kids are more likely to LIVE LONGER

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The biggest health win of them all? According to research out of the University of Chicago, kids born this time of year are more likely to reach their 100th birthday than those born in other months. Less than 1% of all Americans reach their 100th birthday — but if you’re born in November, the odds are in your favor. That’s a lot of birthday parties (and cake)! 

9. November kids are MADE WITH LOVE

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British researchers noticed a 5% spike in birth rates during the month of November. How come? Well, it appears some parents were bitten with the love bug during Valentine’s Day — which happens to be 9 months before the month of November — do the math! 

10. November kids are STARS



November kids get some serious bragging rights, given that they share their birthday month with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars! You’ll be blowing out your birthday candles around the same time as Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Adam Driver, Lorde, and Scarlett Johansson, to name a few!

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