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Amazing Facts You Didn't Know about October Birthdays

October-born kids are winning at life — and here’s why!

Maria Bailey · about 2 months ago

October Birthday Facts

According to science, October-born kids have a lot more to celebrate than just pumpkin spice season, crunchy leaves, and Halloween candy! Research suggests people born in October have been blessed since the day they were born. Find out why you’re extra special!

1. October kids are LEADERS



Carry yourself like a leader? That's no surprise: More U.S.presidents have been born during October than any other month! John Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Chester Arthur, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Jimmy Carter all have October birthdays. And while she didn’t win the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton was born in October, too!

2. October kids LIVE LONGER

october birthday facts


You’re going to need a whole lotta candles! One study in the Journal of Aging Research found that people born during October have a significantly higher chance of reaching their 100th birthday than individuals born in March. 

3. October kids have HEALTHY HEARTS

october birthdays


Perhaps this is the secret to living to 100? Another study found that people born during October have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

4. October kids have HEALTHY MINDS



And the good news doesn’t stop when it comes to October kids’ health! Research suggests October-born kids are prone to good mental health, too! 

5. October kids are ATHLETES

october birthday facts


October kids are born to be athletes. Research from the University of Essex found that those born between October and November are significantly better athletes than their peers — perhaps because of extra exposure to vitamin D in the womb.

6. October kids are STRONG

october birthdays


The same study found that kids born in October tend to have bigger muscles and stronger bones! Apparently, we have mom’s exposure to the summer rays during her pregnancy (i.e., Vitamin D) to thank!

7. October kids probably AREN’T BORN ON HALLOWEEN



Fewer moms give birth on Halloween because of the spooky associations! A study conducted by Yale University found that on Valentine’s Day — a day associated with love — there was a 3.6% increase in “spontaneous births.” On Halloween, there was a 5.3% decrease. It would appear many moms out there would prefer their little ones not to share their birthday with trick-or-treaters!  

8. October kids are SUPERSTARS



What do you, Brie Larson, Ryan Reynolds, Bruno Mars, and Drake have in common? You share the same birthday month, of course! Some of that star quality naturally rubs off onto you! 

9. October kids might be SNEEZY (sorry!)



Get the tissues ready! Word is, kids born in October tend to be predisposed to dust allergies. Being born in the time of year when newborn babies spend a lot more time indoors (thanks to cooling temperatures outside) might increase your risk for developing allergies later in life. Bless you!

10. October kids are MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED



Of all the months in the year, a study found the most successful people were born in the month of October! A U.K. toy company looked at a list of the 300 most successful celebrities and billionaires pulled from the Forbes Billionaires List, Forbes Celebrity 100, as well as lists from Money Inc, Business Insider, and Bauer Media. October ranked on top with 36 birthdays!

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October Kids