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Epic October Birthday Party Ideas

Take your pick of these fun birthday party themes for October kids — no ghosts, goblins, or ghouls invited!

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

So long sweet summer and hello Fall! The crisp air and the leaves changing means it's the October baby's time to shine! Celebrate your October birthday with a party you won't forget. Embrace Halloween with a super spooky party, or indulge in all of the sweets at your dessert-based bash. No matter which theme you choose, your party is bound to be off the charts! 

Halloween Party



Halloween is the top holiday to celebrate in October — besides your birthday, of course — so why not make it the theme of your party? Go the spooky route and decorate with skeletons, witches, and zombies. Spooky not your thing? Keep it cute with pumpkins and friendly ghosts. Tell all of your guests to come in costume and have a parade around the yard. When you're done showing off your best looks, line up for a turn to break open the jack-o'-lantern piñata. Finish off the celebration with a cake full of spider webs — don't worry, it's all safe to eat! 

National Dessert Day Party


If your favorite meal is dessert and your birthday falls in October, you're going to want to throw a dessert-inspired party in honor of National Dessert Day (October 14). At this bday bash, there's no such thing as anything being too sweet. Go to dessert heaven and fill the room with a donut board, candy station, and chocolate fountain. When you need a break from all the sugar, head over to the crafts table to make a box of paper plate donuts and mosaic ice cream cones. Finish off the celebration with cupcake decorating. Hand out plain cupcakes and set up a topping bar full of sprinkles, candy, and frosting so everyone can make the cupcake of their dreams. You'll probably want to have some to-go bags ready, just in case the sugar coma sets in before you start singing happy birthday!

Reptile Day Party


Kara's Party Ideas

Slither on over to spend the day celebrating all things snakes, turtles, lizards, and more at your reptile birthday celebration honoring National Reptile Awareness Day (October 21). Hop on over to the party to find a room full of snakeskin balloons and giant leaves — it will seem like you are living among the reptiles! Once you've scoped out the scene, check out the table where you can adopt a lizard — don't worry parents, they're made of plastic! If you're lucky, you might even get some real-life reptiles to show up to the party. If not, set up a screen and watch your favorite animals on a live stream. Find even more reptilian inspiration over on Kara’s Party Ideas.

National Pumpkin Day Party



October is all about pumpkin picking and pumpkin decorating, so it only makes sense to throw a party all about pumpkins to celebrate your October birthday. Set up a mini pumpkin patch in your yard and let each guest pick out their own pumpkin. Once they've decided on a pumpkin, steer them in the direction of the carving and decorating station. For the little ones, set them up with paint to make a pumpkin masterpiece. For the older kids, give them some tools and let them get carving. Finish off the party and go all out on pumpkin dessert. Blow the candles out on a pumpkin cake, feast on pumpkin ice cream sandwiches, and indulge on pumpkin bars

Wild Wild West Party


Mimi Dollhouse

Welcome to the wild wild west! Saddle up and set the scene just like a classic Western movie. Build a town out of cardboard boxes complete with a jail and a general store. Head over to the stables and test out your lasso skills. Before you leave town, make some memories and stop in the photo booth, where you can dress up as cowboys and cowgirls, or show off your rebellious side and create your very own wanted poster — with a very high reward, of course! Ride on over to Mimi Dollhouse for even more ideas in the wild west.

Robot Party

Bleep bloop bleep! That's "happy birthday" in robot for those who don't speak in code. Invite your friends over for a full day of robot building and tinkering. Welcome your guests into the party with robot decorations — don't worry, they're here to party, not take over the world. Have your friends check out the design station, where they can plan and tinker with random items and cardboard to design an android of their very own. When your guests are finished designing their own bots, move over to the real thing and build some robots IRL. Even though robots don't need food to survive, you do! End the day full of gadgets and gizmos with a giant slice of a robot-themed cake. Tinker around with more robot-filled ideas over on Hostess With The Mostess.

Pasta Party



You better warn your friends to come hungry to this party, because we're celebrating National Pasta Day (October 17) at your birthday bash. Before you head to the kitchen, hand out white aprons and fabric markers to let everyone personalize their kitchen gear. With your aprons ready to go, it's time to learn how to make fresh pasta. Start with the basics and go with a simple fettuccine. As you wait for the pasta to dry and cook, set up a sauce bar and make garlic bread to go alongside the pasta. If you have room left after the many bowls of pasta you've consumed, celebrate with a "spaghetti sundae" made out of vanilla ice cream strands, brownie meatballs, and strawberry marina sauce.

World Animal Day Party

Love monkeys? How about zebras? Elephants too? If you've answered yes and are still looking for an exciting way to celebrate your fall birthday, you’re going to want to throw an animal birthday party in honor of World Animal Day (October 4). Go all out with decorations, so it looks like you're stepping into an animal's natural habitat. Set up a jungle room, an underwater area, and a safari scene so you can visit all of your favorite creatures. Embrace your inner party animal and get your face painted, or craft your favorite creature to bring home with you. While you probably can't get a real-life animal to come to the party — a wild animal, that is — you can do the next best thing and adopt an animal of your own from the World Wildlife Fund. End the celebration with a slice of safari cake full of surprises. 

Carnival Party



Welcome to the carnival! Grab a set of tickets and get ready to hit the fairgrounds. Set up DIY carnival games in the yard like milk bottle toss, balloon darts, ping pong ball toss, and more. While you bounce from game to game, stop at the snack station to pick up some carnival classics like popcorn, cotton candy, funnel cake, and deep-fried Oreos. When you've collected all of your tickets, check out the prize booth and see what kind of goodies you can take home with you. Find even more ideas for a carnival celebration over on Everyday Chaos and Calm.

Alice in Wonderland Party



Go down the rabbit hole and throw an Alice in Wonderland birthday party in honor of Mad Hatter's Day on October 6. As your guests arrive, hand them a key and let them enter the world of Wonderland. When they’ve gotten their bearings, head over to the tea station, where you can decorate your own teacups and sip on some of the Mad Hatter's famous brew. After some tea, split into teams and see if you can master a few Alice in Wonderland-themed games. The party wouldn't be complete without a slice of topsy-turvey cake. Get even more ideas for a wild and wacky party over on Party Delights