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Throw a PAW Patrol-Themed Birthday PAWty and Roll With the Rescue Pups

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye! YEAH! They're on the way! (To your party, that is.)

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

PawPatrol 22

The Mom Creative

Ryder and the PAW Patrol crew heard you're having a birthday, so to celebrate, they helped put together a list of everything you need to throw an awesome PAWty. Grab your gear and get ready to explore Adventure Bay with your favorite K9 crew!

Host a PAWty at CAMP!

Celebrate your big day with the fun-loving counselors and immersive play experiences at CAMP. We offer PAW Patrol-themed birthday party packages with crafts, activities, and fun ways to play. Contact our party planning pros for a doggone good time — no birthday is too big and no pup is too small!

Set Up Some PAWty Decorations


Party City

Give your guests a warm welcome into Adventure Bay and fill the room with everything PAW Patrol. When we mean everything, we mean everything! Go all out with balloons, put paw prints up all over the windows, and hang a pennant banner of your favorite pups around the walls. It doesn't stop there! Line the tables with a PAW Patrol tablecloth and round it out with cups, plates, and napkins of your favorite K9 crew.

Dress The Part


Moms and Crafters

If your guests are spending the day in Adventure Bay, they may as well dress the part! When you send out the invitations, tell your guests to come dressed as their favorite character from PAW Patrol. Pick a shirt with Skye, dress in all red like Marshall, or wear a blue hat to show your love for Chase.  

Dig In With Doggy Bowls



Since this party is all about the pups, you might as well eat just like they do. Don't worry, we're not talking about dog food, but rather snacking from doggy dishes! Not into eating right out of a doggy bowl? Fill them with your favorite snacks instead and scatter the bowls around the party. The bowls will not only be practical but also double as decorations. 

Sign Up Some New Recruits!

Paw Patrol The Movie %282021%29 - First Look - Zuma%2C Rocky%2C Skye%2C Chase%2C Marshall %26 Rubble

There's a rumor going around Adventure Bay that the PAW Patrol squad is looking for some new recruits! Before you apply for the position, you’ll need to design your own badge. Set up a craft station and fill it with crayons, markers, and glitter to make a badge that will show off your skills. Not sure what skill to choose? Go with a magnifying glass to show off your problem-solving abilities or draw your favorite sports ball to show off your athleticism! 

Make Adventure Bay Memories

PAW Patrol Photo Booth Masks

Nickelodeon Parents

Before you get wrapped up in a mission with Ryder all over Adventure Bay, step into the photo booth to snap a few memories with your favorite rescue pups. Wear a fire hat just like Marshall, show off your tools like Rocky, or hold up a megaphone just like Chase. But don't stop there! Print out these PAW Patrol masks on paper and pretend to be one of your favorite K9s.

Sweets For Everyone


Frugal Mom Eh

Swap out the dog treats for some PAW Patrol sweets to celebrate your special day. Dig in with Rubble and indulge in this chocolate cake, or go for some cupcakes that show off Chase's badge

Test Your Skills



Think you have the skills to join the rescue crew? Test them out with a game of pin the badge on Marshall. The game will test out your aim, intuition, and precision. All you have to do is keep your eyes closed and guess where the badge goes. Hopefully, it will land close to his hat and not near his feet! 

Get a Birthday Phone Call From Chase or Skye


PAW Patrol the Movie via Twitter

Parents, you're going to want to keep this one a surprise! Head on over to the Nickelodeon website, where you can arrange to have a birthday call from Chase or Skye! Fill out the information and set up the details. Right before you settle in for some cake, surprise the birthday boy or girl and put the phone on speaker to share the message. To say they'll be starstruck is an understatement!

Craft Your Own Sea Patrol Mission



It's time to head to the coast for a mission with the Sea Patrol squad. So what's the mission? That's up to you! Set up a crafts station for your guests to build their own adventure in a Sea Patrol Mason Jar Craft. Give everyone the materials needed to make the jar, but let them get imaginative with how they put it all together. When the craft is complete, have each of your guests share the details about the sea patrol mission they’ve created. 

Scavenger Hunt Around Adventure Bay

PawPatrol 22

The Mom Creative

Head out on your first mission with the birthday crew around Adventure Bay. The first task to tackle is a scavenger hunt to find your favorite K9 squad! Channel the different skills from each of your favorite pups to help you solve all of the clues. If you have a lot of guests, split up into two teams and race to see who can find all of the clues the fastest!

Doggy Bags to Go

pdp sq

Party City

Just because the PAW Patrol party is over, doesn't mean the fun has to stop. Send your friends home with a doggy bag full of treats to mark the day spent at Adventure Bay. Fill the bag with loads of puppy chow, stickers of your favorite K9s, and a collectible pup mini-figure.

Piñatas are Always a Hit


The Many Little Joys

Give your bash a little bash! The Many Little Joys comes to the party-planning rescue with this DIY that takes an ordinary cardboard box, and transforms it into an “official” PAW Patrol Badge. Fill it with favorite treats, and batter-up!

Dance Your Tail Off

paw Patrol dance game

Nickelodeon Parents

Shake a leg in this silly game of puppy dance moves you can do even with four left feet. This free printable by Nickelodeon includes a dance chart with all the moves you’ll need to groove, and a spinner to let chance decide!   

Give the Perfect Pup Present

From snuggly plush pups to take along on adventures to board games, vehicles, and play sets, you're sure to find something for your PAW-obsessed kiddo in our PAW Patrol Collection.

Celebrate With the Crew IRL

Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol Experience - only at CAMP

Live near Boston and have a birthday coming up soon? Take the party through the magic doors and celebrate with your favorite K9s at The PAW Patrol™ Experience! At the exhibit, you'll pick out a custom badge, get a sneak peek at the lookout tower, and explore Adventure Bay from new heights. The experience is open in Burlington, MA starting February 3rd.