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The Definitive Ranking of PAW Patrol™ Villains

A hero is only as good — or bad — as their rogues’ gallery. Here’s the definitive ranking of the evildoers of PAW Patrol™!

Matt Harvey


Everyone knows that a hero is only as great as the obstacles they overcome and the PAW Patrol™ is no exception! Let’s delve into the nefarious rogues’ gallery that stands against our pawsome pups!

10. Birds

0000 Birds

Birds are a real problem for the pups — crows, seagulls, eagles … they all cause some manner of havoc for the PAW Patrol™ to clean up.

9. The Cheetah

0007 The Cheetah.png

The Cheetah is the cousin of Mayor Humdinger, and just like him, she’s a selfish cretin who will do anything to win. She’s fast, but that’s not what earned her name — she’s full of dirty tricks, and she’ll use all of them to grab the number one spot. 

8. The Copycat

0008 The Copycat.png copy

Mr. Nibbles, aka “The Copycat,” is the pet cat of Hailey Daily who gained superpowers when a chunk of meteor got stuck in his tooth. With powers matching every member of the PAW Patrol™ — super strength, super speed, heat generation, and flight — The Copycat set out to steal the thunder of the powered up pups with a purr-fect plan. 

7. The Duke of Flappington

0009 The Duke of Flappington.jpeg

The Duke of Flappington is the cousin of the Princess of Barkingburg and the Duke of … Flappington. He loves birds (especially eagles), and on first impression, he comes off as a helpful, charming young gentleman. But then he reveals himself to be hungry for power! The Duke teams up with Sweetie, only to betray her. A villain indeed!

6. Sid the Swashbuckle Pirate and Arrby

0005 Sid Swashbuckle.jpeg

Sid the Swashbuckle Pirate is a loudmouthed young pirate and the captain of the Swashbuckle Sloop. He uses his pet pup Arrby to “fetch” things that don’t belong to him. When Sid sees something he wants, there’s almost nothing that can be done to persuade him otherwise. 

5. Harold Humdinger

0002 Harold Humdinger.jpeg

Harold Humdinger is the tech-genius, math-whiz nephew of the big bad Mayor Humdinger. Proving that the bad apple doesn’t fall far from the bad tree — Harold Humdinger develops his own scheme to become ruler of Adventure Bay. After gaining the power of technopathy (building machines with his mind) from a meteor, Harold becomes a powerful adversary for the pups on patrol.

4. Sweetie

0006 Sweetie.jpeg

Sweetie is the spoiled-rotten pet of the Princess of Barkingburg. Sweetie is a lot of things: greedy, manipulative, sneaky … but she ain’t sweet. Sweetie wants to be the Queen of Barkingham and she’ll never rest in her pursuit of the crown!

3. The Ruff-Ruff Pack

0004 Ruff Ruff Pack.jpeg

The Ruff-Ruff Pack are a villainous motorcycle pack that include the stray pups Hubcap, Gasket, and Dwayne. These aren’t the goodest boys — they’re bad to the bone. The Ruff-Ruff Pack are rivals to the first cat on the PAW Patrol™, Wildcat.

2. Cat Chase and the Catastrophe Crew

0001 Catastrophe Crew.jpeg

Cat Chase is a nogoodnik, and he’s the cruelest cat on the Kitten Catastrophe Crew! He’s the bizzaro cat counterpart to Chase, and he’s Mayor Humdinger’s pick of the litter when it comes to scratching out schemes to inconvenience the PAW Patrol™. Cat Chase along with Cat Rocky, Cat Marshall, Cat Skye, Cat Rubble, and Cat Zuma are Foggy Bottom’s evil answer to our heroes of Adventure Bay!

1. Mayor Humdinger

0003 Mayor Humdinger.png copy

Mayor Harold Humdinger is the worst of the bunch — you can tell by the laugh! Humdinger is the Mayor of Foggy Bottom and the leader of the Kitten Catastrophe Crew. He always cheats because he hates losing, and he’s regularly responsible for committing shenanigans that the PAW Patrol™ have to overcome to save the day!

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