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Crafts and Games You Can Do With Pool Noodles, No Pool Required

Turns out these long floppy foam cylinders are the most versatile noodles since spaghetti.

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

pool noodle crafts and games


Even if you don’t have a pool, you might want to pick some pool noodles up to add to your activity closet. The pliable material is great for kids crafts and makes for some unusual and exciting activities. See what they can do with these noodles outside of the pool with the ideas below! 

Pool Noodle Word Search


Easy Peasy and Fun

You know how at the end of the summer, some pool noodles are in a rough condition? Instead of throwing them away, upcycle them and keep kid's brains busy by turning old noodles into a word search game. To make the game, you'll need to cut the noodles into small circular pieces. Then, have the kids place different letter combinations on the noodles and see how many words they can form. There'll be enough to make a few word searches, so set up a timer and have siblings go head-to-head, or break out the letters on play-dates with friends and see who can find the most words.

Pool Noodle Marble Run

pool noodle marble run

Little Bins for Little Hands

On your marks, get set, GO! It's time to see just how fast this marble can make it down your kid's homemade pool noodle race track. This track is all about creativity, as there are no rules on how it can be made. To make the track, you'll need to cut the noodles in half and at different lengths, then pass them off to the kids so they can get to work building the track by adding in jumps, quick turns, and long stretches of the noodles. They'll probably have to go through a few test runs to get it just right, but that's half the fun. 

Pool Noodle Confetti Poppers


Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tail

Every day is a celebration with these pool noodle confetti poppers around. The miniature poppers eject just enough confetti for a fun celebration — and enough to make clean up a breeze. Buy a bunch of noodles in the summer and store them throughout the year to make seasonal poppers. Go with green for St. Patrick's Day, orange for Halloween, and red, white, and blue for the 4th of July. 

Pool Noodle Lightsabers


Kelly Leigh Creates

Young Padawans can channel their inner Jedi (or Sith) with these pool noodle lightsabers. The imitation lightsabers might not have Kyber crystal strength running through them, but they will give them good practice just in case threy have to take on Kylo Ren or Darth Vader one day. 

Pool Noodle Monsters

Pool-Noodle-Monster-Craft-10 (1)

Messy Little Monster

It's official: We're changing the definition of monsters to cute and cuddly instead of scary and creepy. It would be hard not to after making these pool noodle monsters — just look at how friendly they are! To make these lovable creatures, you'll first need to break down some pool noodles for the kids, and then have them raid the craft drawer for pom poms, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes. The secret to making the monsters look extra adorable is to make them look extra ridiculous. The more pom poms, the better! 

Pool Noodle Hurdles

Castleview Academy

Does your kid have what it takes to win the gold medal in the pool noodle hurdle Olympics? Then send them to the yard and get some practice in! The individual hurdles will give them a taste of the real track and field competition. Make the competition interesting by timing them or have them count how many they can jump over in a row. Who knows, thanks to this training, they might be on the actual podium one day to accept their gold medal.

Pool Noodle Garland

noodle garland

Sugar and Cloth

Throwing a pool party over the summer? What about a family BBQ? Or maybe you just want to add some fun decorations to your backyard even if you don't have a pool? Whatever your answer is, you’re going to want to hang this pool noodle garland for everyone to see. To make the garland, pick out your favorite color pool noodles and cut them into small rings. Once you've got your noodles cut up, have the kids string them along a thick string — it's pretty much like making a giant necklace.

Pool Noodle Fishing Game


Happy Tot Shelf

Fish in the pool is never a good thing. However, I think we can make an exception for these pool noodle fish. Not only do these pool noodle fish make for fun toys while swimming, but they also make for an exciting activity on land. Follow the instructions over on Happy Tot Shelf to see how to bring the fish to life. Then, have your kid use the "fishing pole" and see just how many they can catch. This fun activity will help little ones practice their hand-eye coordination, but they'll probably be having too much fun to even realize. 

Pool Noodle Pencil .-Perfect-Back-to-School-Party-Craft-or-Funny-Teacher-Gift

Laly Mom

Drawing with sidewalk chalk is always a good idea. The only downside? Getting chalk all over your hands and clothes. Thankfully, Laly Mom has found a clever way to alleviate that issue with her giant pool noodle pencil. The chalk goes right into the end of the pool noodle, letting kids draw and create all of their designs without ever touching the chalk. This craft is also great for the fall to get them excited as they head back to school. 

Pool Noodle Shark


Mama Cheaps

Fans of a certain song about a multigenerational family of sharks will be into this pool noodle shark craft. For this craft, an adult — a Mommy or Daddy Shark, perhaps — will need to use a sharp knife and a hot glue gun. After that, it's smooth sailing for your little ones to decorate the sharks as they please. (Apologies in advance if “Baby Shark” is now stuck in your head.)

Pool Noodle Bumblebee


Premeditated Leftovers

The best part about making these adorable pool noodle bees? There's no chance of getting stung! Stock up on yellow and black pool noodles and head over to Premeditated Leftovers to see how to make these creatures fly. Have the kids make a bunch and create a full hive of bees — unfortunately, they won't make any honey on their own, so you'll have to supply that part.