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27 Problems That Only Eldest Siblings Understand

Being the eldest sibling comes with plenty of perks, but there are way too many downsides.

Jack Shepherd · 2 months ago

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Being the eldest sibling comes with plenty of perks (front seat of the car for life, all-new clothes and no hand-me-downs), but there are way too many downsides. For one thing, you had to fight tooth and nail for every privilege just to watch your younger brother or sister get the same perk at a younger age without lifting a finger. And when you get into trouble for something, it's like the end of the world, but when your younger sibling does the same thing, it's old news and they get off with a slap on the wrist. In fact, the one thing you can be certain of as an older sibling is that life is going to be unfair. But you wouldn't trade it for anything. How many of these things are true for you (or if you're a younger sibling, true of your older brother or sister)?

1. You're the "first pancake," which means you've had it tougher than your younger siblings, but that's what makes you special.

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2. And some days you feel as if you're actually more like the youngest parent than the oldest sibling.

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3. For years, you've lived in fear of getting home even a minute too late, but your younger sibling doesn't even know what "curfew" means.

4. ... Or "bedtime."

5. ... Or "movie ratings."

6. You had to beg, plead, and bargain to get a phone and your younger sibling gets one years earlier than you without even trying.

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7. In fact, everything you've ever fought for is immediately just taken for granted by your younger siblings.

8. Somehow, you always have to be the bigger person.

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9. But that doesn't mean you're going to apologize after a fight. You just kind of start talking to your sibling again.

10. And you have to live up to insanely high expectations.

11. (Which maybe secretly makes you feel a little bit proud.)

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12. One real advantage is that you get new clothes and they get your hand-me-downs.

13. But then they steal your clothes anyway.

14. And they're constantly trying to make your "thing" their "thing," which kind of ruins it.

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15. Younger siblings are snitches who would sell you out in a second even though you always stand up for them.

16. But at least they appreciate you when they need someone to turn to because mom and dad don't understand.

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17. In fact, your younger siblings are your accomplices and your rivals at the same time, which makes things very complicated.

18. The one law in your house is that whoever controls the TV remote controls the universe.

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19. There is no feeling like the sudden terror that comes over you when a younger sibling loudly bursts into tears because of something you did

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20. You get the front seat. It is your birthright.

21. You're over-documented. There are thousands of photos of every moment of your life, but there's basically no record of your siblings ever having a childhood.

22. You can be as mean as you like to your younger siblings, but if anyone else does it, they will feel your wrath.

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23. It's so unfair that you have to share everything and they have nothing worth sharing ...

24. It's so unfair that you always get the fewest gifts on the holidays ...

25. It's so unfair that you're blamed for everything even if you didn't do it ...

26. In fact, everything's so unfair that "IT'S SO UNFAIR" is kind of your catchphrase.

27. But despite all the unpaid baby-sitting, hard-fought privileges, and high expectations, it's maybe just a little bit nice to know that your parents liked having you in their lives so much that they wanted more of that.

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