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18 Dog Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Dogs are not exactly creatures of mystery like cats are (or think they are), but there’s a lot more to our canine friends than meets the eye. Here are a few surprising facts about dogs that might just cause your family to see pups in an entirely new light.

Jack Shepherd

1. Petting a dog can actually lower blood pressure.



Research has shown that petting a dog had a noticeable effect on test subjects' stress levels.

2. Just like a person’s fingerprints, each dog has a unique noseprint.



There's even an app that helps people find lost dogs via their noseprints.

3. Dogs wag to the left when they’re anxious, and to the right when they’re happy.



Dogs respond differently to each other depending on the direction their tails are wagging.

4. Dogs are not colorblind. They see in blue and yellow.



Dogs only have two color receptors in their eyes (humans have three), but this doesn't mean they can only see in black and white.

5. Dogs’ noses are wet because it helps them to smell.



Dogs "secrete a thin layer of mucous that helps to absorb scent chemicals," which they can then sample with their tongues.

6. Dogs have three eyelids!



The third eyelid is called "the nictitating membrane."

7. A dog yawn doesn’t necessarily mean they’re tired. Dogs sometimes yawn to calm themselves down, and sometimes because you yawned first!



Dogs yawn in a social way, just like people do, but they can also yawn because they're stressed.

8. Dogs dream just like people do!



That's why you may have noticed your dogs twitching in their sleep.

9. The Labrador Retriever has been the most popular dog breed in America for 30 years in a row.



And the Frenchie takes the Silver!

10. Basenji dogs can’t bark. They make a yodeling sound instead.

11. A study has found that dogs poop in alignment with the Earth’s magnetic field.



In 2013, researchers discovered that dogs prefer to “excrete with the body being aligned along the north-south axis.”

12. Dogs can be trained to smell certain diseases in humans.



Dogs can even help to be early detectors of certain cancers so that people can get treatment as early as possible.

13. A lot of scientists believe that dogs don’t feel guilt. They just know how to look guilty when they’re caught.



Some veterinary scientists believe that your dog has just learned how to effectively pull on your heartstrings.

14. And dogs aren’t covering anything up when they kick their feet after pooping. They’re adding extra scent from their feet glands.



When dogs poop, they're often sending a message to other dogs, and the scent from their feet glands adds to that message.

15. Smaller dogs aim their legs up high when they pee to make their bodies seem larger.



In 2018, researchers at Cornell discovered that small dogs want everyone to think that they're bigger than they are.

16. Do your dogs’ feet smell like corn? This is called “Frito feet,” and it comes from a combination of natural bacteria and sweat.



Frito Feet is real! It's not always a sign of a problem, but if it persists, it's good to check with your veterinarian.

17. Dogs have 18 different muscles to move their ears.



It's one of many reasons that dogs can hear so much better than us (about four times better than us, to be precise!)

18. The Beatles put an Easter Egg just for dogs in their song “A Day in the Life.”

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