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Easy and Fun Science Experiments to Do at Home!

Transform your kitchen into a science lab with these creative, fun experiments to try at home!

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns

They didn't teach you this in science class — unless, of course, your school curriculum included sparkly explosions, DIY lava lamps, and rainbows in a jar! You'll have an absolute blast — figuratively speaking — working your way through these easy home science experiments with a fun and creative twist! 

Bring Flubber to Life


Little Bins for Little Hands

Take a page out of Dr. Brainard's lab notes and create your very own flubber! The movie Flubber, starring Robin Williams, saw the squishy playtime item become wildly popular after its 1997 release, and its fun factor still stands the test of time. Kids of every age — and adults too — will get a real kick out of creating their own before getting their hands on the finished product for some sensory play.

Go to Little Bins for Hands to learn how you can make your own flubber in just minutes!

Recreate a Geyser Eruption



We’ve all seen those gnarly Diet Coke and Mentos eruption videos, but to experience it is something else! All you’ll need is a bottle of Diet Coke, and yes, a packet of Mentos, to make this carbonated explosion come to life. We recommend doing this experiment outside to avoid any destruction inside your home (and of course, to avoid becoming a viral fail meme). How high will your coke geyser reach? 

Find out by following these simple steps on Science Kids to create a towering coke geyser of your very own.

Make Candy That Rocks

Rock Candy

Mommy Poppins / Ally Noel

If only the outcome of EVERY science experiment resulted in a delicious sweet treat! This rock candy experiment will make the success of this project more rewarding — and even sweeter. Observe the crystallization process before your very eyes with a concoction of basic ingredients you can most likely find in your pantry at home. 

Follow these simple steps on Mommy Poppins to conduct your own rock candy experiment (and satisfy that sweet tooth)!

Make a Rainbow

Rainbow Jar

Playdough to Plato

Putting a rainbow in a jar may sound like make-believe, but now little scientists can do just that, and it doesn't require a magical spell to do it! Add a pop of color to your day by conducting this experiment using simple household ingredients. 

Find the easy-to-follow steps on Playdough to Plato to create your own rainbow in a jar! 

Grow Your Own Crystals

Did you know you can make crystals in the kitchen? OK, we’re actually talking about salt crystals (NOT rock crystals), and while they’re not nearly as precious, they are a lot of fun to make! The only ingredients you’ll need are distilled water and sodium acetate. Mix the two ingredients together on the stove to see the salt crystallization process start to take place. 

This helpful video by Clariant guides you through every step of this easy peasy science project you can do right at home.

Create Your Own Lava Lamp

Lava Lamp

Babble Dabble Do

There is something so mesmerizing about how the colorful blobs of wax inside a lava lamp bounce and collide! You'll have a newfound appreciation for this sensory spectacle when you create your own lava lamp yourself from scratch. This science experiment will have you watching in awe as a chemical reaction plays out before your very eyes! 

Head on over to Babble Dabble Do for step-by-step instructions!

Build a Fizz Inflator



Want to see a balloon appear to magically inflate before your very eyes? Well, now you can, but it’s not magic — it’s science! Who knew you could inflate a balloon using baking soda and vinegar? 

Team up with Science Bob who shows you exactly how it can be done!

Dissolve the Eggshell of a Raw Egg


Go Science Kids

Can you dissolve the eggshell of a raw egg, so it's … well … naked? If this sounds like a trick question, we can assure you it's not. In fact, you can do it yourself with a little scientific know-how, thanks to this very cool experiment you’ll never forget! 

Find out how to make the eggshell of a raw egg disappear by going to Go Science Kids for easy-to-follow steps! 

Set Off a Sparkly Explosion

Glitter Explosion

Preschool Powol Packets

We couldn’t do a round-up of exciting science experiments without including an explosion of sorts — of the sparkly variety! Little scientists will be completely blown away (pun intended) by an eruption of color and glitter that is triggered once they combine their explosive ingredients! 

Go to Preschool Powol Packets to create your very own explosion that sparkles! 

Change the Color of Flowers



Mother Nature is not the only one who can assign different colors to flowers! Now you can transform a flower into any color of your choosing thanks to this classic but timeless DIY science experiment. Start by picking out your favorite colors in the form of liquid food dye before creating your beautiful blooms. 

Head on over to Fun Learning For Kids for easy-to-follow steps!

Want even more easy, fun science experiments you can do at home? These are two of our favorite home science kits for kids:

YOUniverse Ultimate Chemistry Lab


Thames & Kosmos Kids First Science Laboratory


Updated February 2022