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Brilliant Birthday Party Theme Ideas for September Kids

Crank up the fun meter: September babies, it's your turn to have a blast on your birthday!

Margo Gothelf · about 2 months ago



Celebrate your September birthday with a knock-out party. Need a party theme? Then you've come to the right place. We've compiled some excellent ideas for your unforgettable bash. No matter which one you choose, you are guaranteed to have a party to remember.

Fall Equinox Party

fall birthday party


Welcome the crisp weather and embrace the changing color leaves with a Fall Equinox party. The first official day of fall is September 22, but no need to wait till then for a fall celebration! Keep the activities outside to enjoy the crisp air and run headfirst into all of the fall activities. Collect all the different color leaves and carve some pumpkins. You can even take the party on the road to an apple orchard and go on an apple overload. Finish off the party with a pumpkin cake topped with fresh cream cheese icing to truly get you in the fall spirit. 

Teddy Bear Party


Kara's Party Ideas

Make your cuddliest dreams come true with a teddy bear birthday bash in honor of National Teddy Bear Day (September 9). Let your guests RSVP "plus one" to include their bear friends, and decorate the party space with super cuddly teddy bears — giant ones included! Set up a teddy-themed craft station where kids can make ears to match their teddy. Or go the extra mile and channel your inner bear with a teddy bear face painting tutorial. Get more inspiration for a beary fun party over on Kara's Party Ideas

Dream Day Party


Kara's Party Ideas

World Dream Day falls on September 25, so it only makes sense to throw a sweet dream sleepover party to celebrate all of your wildest dreams. Now, this party won't be like your typical sleepover. Go the extra mile and set up individual tents for your guests to spend the night and tell your friends to come dressed in their fanciest PJs. Spend the night munching on unicorn s'mores, making dream catchers, and sparkly dream jars. Finish off the night with a movie marathon in your personal tents so you can fall asleep and dream the night away. 

Superstition Party

September birthday theme ideas


With Friday the 13th falling in September this year, it only makes sense to start the spooky season a little early with a superstitions party. For this theme, the creepier, the better. Fill the room with open umbrellas, fake black cats, and decorate with the number 13 all over the place. Test your luck and make a superstitions obstacle course: See if you can cross the sidewalk without stepping over any cracks and dodge all of the ladders. Wind down with some cake and read all about the craziest superstitions from around the globe

Batman Party


Hostess With the Mostess

Take a visit to Gotham City and celebrate National Batman Day (September 18). Send up the Bat Signal on your invites to let your guests know they've been called into action. Then test out your superhero skills and see who has it in them to help protect Gotham City. Take a break from trying out all your superpowers and focus on your superhero suit with a customized cape, just like Batman himself. Finish off the day in Gotham with a Batman-themed cake. Want even more ideas for the Batcave? Check out Hostess With The Mostess for some more Gotham-themed inspiration. 

Football Party



Blue 42! Hut, hut, HIKE! Score a touchdown with your birthday party this year and tackle a football theme to mark the start of football season. Invite your guests to wear a jersey from their favorite team. Turn your backyard into a giant tailgating party full of games like cornhole and the bean bag toss. Don't forget the food! Indulge in stadium favorites like hotdogs, wings, and sliders. When you can't take another bite, switch gears and customize your own football with your favorite colors. Finish off the celebration and give your throwing arm a little bit of a workout and break open a football-shaped pinata.

Fashion Show Party



Oh, hey, New York Fashion Week, sorry we can't make it this year! Instead, we're celebrating a September birthday with a stroll down the runway in the trendiest designs at a fashion show-themed birthday party. Pull together a basket of clothes that all of your guests can choose from. Let everyone mix and match different pieces, and when they have the perfect outfit, hit the runway! Pick out a few of your favorite songs and press play to set the mood for the runway walk. When the show is over, switch gears and design some clothing of your own. Take plain t-shirts from the craft store and use fabric markers, rhinestones, and scissors to transform a simple shirt into a must-have item of the season. 

Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Party



Move over, Captain America — there's a new superhero in town! Celebrate the release of the latest Marvel movie and the newest superhero, Shang-Chi, with a party in his honor. Invite your guests over for a mission worthy of Shang-Chi himself. Since Shang-Chi is known for his incredible hand-to-hand combat, you'll want to brush up on your beginner martial arts moves before you head out. Once you've mastered the basics, take your skills to the next level and learn how you can craft your very own version of The Ten Rings

LOL Surprise Doll Party


Mom Trends

Channel your love for the one-of-a-kind dolls and bring them into your special day with a LOL Surprise birthday bash. Open up an at-home salon and try out some of the looks from your favorite dolls. When you're all glammed up, jump in the photo booth to capture the moment. While you wait for your turn at the salon, head over to the crafts station and design a custom outfit for your favorite doll. To finish off the celebration, channel the inner surprise of the dolls and cut open a pinata cake. You'll be just as excited to see what's inside this cake as what’s in your LOL Surprise Doll package. Head on over to Mom Trends for even more surprising ideas for your party. 

Talk Like a Pirate Day Party



Ahoy matey — cheers to ye birthday! Quick translation: hello friend, and happy birthday to you! In case you didn't get the gist here, we're throwing a pirate party to celebrate National Talk Like A Pirate Day (September 19). Invite your fellow shipmates over for an adventure out on the sea. Before you start treasure hunting, make sure each of your guests has an official pirate name. When you've returned from your adventures at sea, walk the plank (don't worry, this is a good thing) and dig in on your treasure chest cake. Don't forget to send your crew home with some good loot! Find more ideas for yer birthday party over on Project Nursery.

Pinata Party


Sally's Baking Addiction

Let's be real — everyone's favorite part of any birthday party is breaking open the pinata. So, why not make the whole party about the pinata? That's exactly what you'll do at your pinata-themed party. When your guests arrive, send them over to the crafts station, where they'll get started on making their very own pinata out of paper mache. While their pinata is drying, let them explore the candy station, where they can pick out what they want to put inside their pinata. If they want to be surprised, set aside a few mystery bags for them to choose from. The celebration wouldn't be complete without a cake — a pinata cake, that is. Cut open the cake and watch the candy break free. 

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