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10 Shows Parents Grew Up With That Kids Will Still Love Today

Nothing quite brings a family together quite like a healthy dose of nostalgia.

Matt Harvey

When I was a kid, I lived for the moment when my beloved Nickelodeon would switch over to Nick-At-Night! I loved watching shows like “Mr. Ed,” “Green Acres,” “The Munsters,” “I Dream Of Genie,” and “The Brady Bunch.” These were shows that my mom had grown up watching but still held their entertainment magic for me. Nothing quite brings a family together like a healthy dose of nostalgia, so here’s a list of shows that parents grew up with but kids will still love today!

1. Family Matters


ABC Network

“Family Matters” followed the misadventures of the Winslow family and their odd and nerdy neighbor, Steve Urkel. Your kiddo is sure to delight in all of the Urkel antics. They’ll be saying “Did I Do THAT?” with that famously nasal intonation in no time!

2. Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World

ABC Network

“Boy Meets World” was the coming of age story of young Cory Matthews, a perfectly average boy on his way from awkward teenager to manhood. The everyday predicaments that challenged Cory are still applicable today. Plus, every kid deserves a Mr. Feeny.

3. Full House

Full House

ABC Network

“Full House” featured the Tanners — an unconventional family unit of a Dad and two uncles — raising three daughters together against all odds! You’ll have fun reliving the magical moments you remember, while your small friend giggles at the undeniably adorable antics of baby Michelle Tanner and all of her catch phrases! “You’ve got it, Dude!”

4. The Muppet Show


CBS Networks

The muppet gang will always delight people of all ages! Whenever Jim Henson’s gaggle of misfits puts on a variety show, chaos is sure to follow. “The Muppet Show” features all of the early favorites — from Kermit and Miss Piggy to Gonzo and Fozzy! You can relive your favorite bits, and your kiddo will love the characters that are familiar from the more modern incarnations.

5. Sister, Sister

Sister Sister


“Sister, Sister” followed the adventures of identical twins Tia Landry and Tamara Campbell. The twins, separated at birth, were unaware of each other until a chance meeting at a shopping mall changed everything! The show follows the story of the two adoptive families coming together and often features their nerdy neighbor Roger… who was in love with both of them.

6. You Can’t Do That On Television

You Can't Do That On Television

Nickelodeon Network

“You Can’t Do That On Television” was the Canadian sensation that introduced many ’80s babies to the magic of sketch comedy. Every show featured irreverent characters and a prime slime finale. If you ever wonder why Nickelodeon is associated with green slime — this is why. I HEARD THAT!

7. Are You Afraid of The Dark

Are You Afraid


I can still remember being scared silly by the bone-chilling tales of the Midnight Society! “Are You Afraid Of The Dark” is still the only example I can cite when it comes to a “kids” show that successfully rode the line of fun and actually spoopy scary. Your kids will love this S’NICK staple, and they’ll hope the red bucket never shows up.

8. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air



I don’t know one person who can’t sing the Fresh Prince theme song on cue! “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” follows the story of a young Will Smith as he goes to live with his upper class family in Bel-Air. Your small friend will fall in love with the Banks family and they’re sure to be doing “The Carlton” to the sweet sounds of Tom Jones in no time!

9. Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper


ABC Network

“Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper” followed the story of a former professional basketball player turned high school coach and his roommates Vanessa and Robin. The series changed from a sitcom targeting mostly a grown-up audience to a more family-oriented program when it was added to the famed TGIF lineup for its second season.

10. Step By Step

step by step

ABC Network

“Step By Step” follows the blended family unit of the Lamberts and the Fosters as they face the everyday challenges of life as a newly joined family getting used to each other. It serves kind of like an updated Brady Bunch and ticks all of the family sitcom boxes with children of all ages and a wacky neighbor character to boot.

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