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Snow Day Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy!

You'll never have to ask what to do on a snow day again! Bookmark this page so the next time it snows, you have plenty of snow day activities for the whole family!

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

Snow Day Scavenger Hunt


Everyone loves a good old fashioned snow day, no matter how old you are. From crafting and baking to playing card games to actually playing in the snow, there are so many activities to be done all in one day. Bookmark this page so the next time it snows, you have plenty of snow day activities for the family ready to go. You'll never have to ask what to do on a snow day again!

1. Snow Paint

Snow Paint

Premeditated Leftovers

Would it really be a snow day if the whole family didn’t go outside and make a snowman? To make playing in the snow even more fun, try making your next snowman with snow paint! The snow paint, which is made out of food coloring and cold water, turns any untouched snowbank into a blank canvas. Now you can give that snowman a full outfit. 

See how it's made at Premeditated Leftovers.

2. Snow Day Volcano

Snow Day Volcano

Little Bins Little Hands

I know what you’re thinking — volcanos and snow don’t exactly go hand in hand. But this STEM activity is a small exception to the rules. To make a snow volcano, you’ll need a very snowy day, baking soda, dish soap, vinegar, food coloring, warm water, and a tall cup. Have the materials all ready to go when you head outside because once you get going, the volcano will erupt fast.

Head over to Little Bins Little Hands for a full breakdown of the activity.

3. Snow Day Scavenger Hunt

Snow Day Scavenger Hunt


Make a day playing in the yard into a full-blown snow adventure with the ultimate snow day scavenger hunt. Bundle up those kids and see who can check off the most items on their list. If you want to make the scavenger hunt even more exciting, divide the kids up into teams and see who can find all of the items first.

4. Snowman Hot Chocolate

Snowman Hot Chocolate


A snow day truly wouldn’t be complete without a warm cup of hot chocolate. Create snowmen from marshmallows, pretzels, candies, and food coloring, and set them for a nice hot soak in your cocoa. Or take your cocoa up a notch with snowman hot chocolate bombs made from white chocolate, hot chocolate mix, and mini marshmallows. When the hot chocolate bomb is ready, simply pour warm milk over the chocolate ball and let it melt away.

5. Make Snow Globes

ArticleImg SnowGlobe 1000x800 1

Heeral Chhibber / CAMP

Create your own snowstorm without leaving the kitchen table with this easy-to-follow tutorial for making a homemade snow globe using stuff you (probably) already have around the house.

6. Watercolor Salt Snowflakes

Watercolor Snowflakes

Teach Beside Me

Salt isn’t just for food. Did you know that it can be used in craft projects too? This crafty science project uses just a few supplies — construction paper, glue, salt, and a set of watercolors — to create a chemical reaction, and beautiful snowflake art. Head over to Teach Beside Me for all of the details.

7. Indoor Obstacle Course

Indoor Obstacle Course


If your crew is going a little stir crazy from all the time spent indoors, one simple way to burn off that extra energy is to create an indoor obstacle course. Think of easy challenges that don’t need a lot of space to complete, such as crazy walks or balancing tests.

8. Build A Fort

Build a Fort


It's a classic for a reason: It seems like it should be a requirement to build a blanket fort on a snow day. To make the ultimate fort, gather your coziest blankets and pillows. Then drape them over the furniture to create an enclosed space. The fort is a great place to play board games or even watch a movie. Some snow day recommendations for fort activities include watching Frozen or playing a classic game.

9. Make an Ice Lantern


Anneli Salo / Wikimedia Commons

Yes, it’s cold and wet and the family is pretty polarized on just how wonderful it is that school is closed, but with the right attitude, snow days can also be beautiful and magical. And it’s a lot easier to feel the magic and wonder of a snow day with some gorgeous, sparkling ice lanterns. Little Pine Learners has step-by-step instructions on how you can do this simple but beautiful snow day activity.  

10. Bake a Cake in a Mug



It is one of the great mysteries of the universe that cake just tastes better when it comes out of a mug. It really seems like the wrong vessel for something people have very effectively been serving on plates for centuries. But you can’t argue with science, and you can’t argue with how cozy, comforting (and quick!) it can be to bake some yummy mug cakes with the family when it’s snowing outside. Here’s a great, easy recipe from The Food Network.  

11. Make Bird Feeders



You know who doesn’t love snow days? Birds. And probably squirrels. They have to stay outside mostly, and it’s harder to find their little lunches in the snow. (This is just speculation — I’m not a bird and squirrel scientist — but it feels right.) Anyway, it’s also a fun, crafty, and animal-friendly activity to build snow day bird feeders with the kids, and Run Wild My Child has a whole selection of easy ones you can make.

12. Build a Snow Castle



While your neighbors are busy building an easy-to-siege snow fort, your family can be one-upping them with a majestic and impregnable snow castle! It’s a super fun snow day activity for the family even if you’re not in a feud with the people who live next door. Here’s a great snow castle primer on

13. Have a Snow Day Movie Marathon!



Sometimes a snow day comes when you’re not feeling up to crafting or baking or building an epic snow castle, so let’s end with a snow day activity that everyone will love and that doesn’t require much more than popcorn or a remote. Curl up for a snow day movie marathon with some classic wintery kids movies like Frozen, The Chronicles of Narnia, Happy Feet, Mighty Ducks, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, and Ice Age