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In Praise of the Brave Dads Who Wear Socks With Sandals

This Father’s Day, sock (and sandal) it to Dad!

Daniel Fernandez · 4 months ago


As a 100% totally-legit-fashion-expert/father-having-not-yet-Dad myself, I have borne witness to what many consider the most atrocious fashion faux pas of all time: socks with sandals. 

Although I used to ridicule the combination during my younger years, now whenever I gaze upon a good pair of socks matched with a classy pair of sandals, I find myself breathless; awed by the beauty of such a simple and functional combination.

In this idyllic pairing, fashion meets function, style courts ease, and elegance combines with grace, resulting in the best possible gift to give a Dad on Father’s Day. Follow me as we explore the best sock and sandal pairings on the market.

Happy Socks

A happy sock is a sock that, well, makes you happy. I can only imagine that was the  line of thinking that Happy Socks followed when they started making super comfy socks with all sorts of fun colors, patterns, and designs.

From stripes to thunderbolts to polka dots to flamingos, the Happy Socks selection has something to make Dad feel pretty darn happy when he slips these suckers on. 

>> Buy Happy Socks here.


You want more than fantastic arch support and a great blend of moisture-wicking  merino wool out of your socks? Of course you do, because your Dad deserves the best! *slams fist against table*

That’s where Bomba socks come in. Bombas are high-quality socks with minimalist designs of fun themes from Sesame Street to Star Wars. They also make matching sets for fathers and toddlers!

We think any Dad will enjoy these socks because they are quite literally the bomb-a (if you didn’t see that joke coming from a mile away, that’s entirely your fault) 

>> Buy Bombas here.


If your Dad is too Soxy for his shirt, look no further. The squad over at Soxy offers more than 1,000 different sock designs. Soxy also has their own brand of shoes, so the socks can have a home. 

And with Soxy’s subscription-based ”Sock of the Month Club,” you can get Dad new and exclusively designed socks every month. With so many great options to choose from, the only stinkers here will be Dad’s feet (sorry, Pops!) 

>> Buy Soxy socks here.

Jimmy Lion

Jimmy Lion sells socks that are super refined and debonair while also whimsical and fun. They offer a wide array of fun and detailed designs, and they provide an option to create your own custom pack of socks, so if you know your Papa’s fashion sense and style, you can make his gift even more personal. 

>> Buy Jimmy Lion socks here


Made in the Kente and Ankara styles native to Africa, these handmade socks by an independently run storefront pay homage to African tradition with their vibrant and eye-catching designs. 

These cool designs aren’t just head-turning, they’re pretty dang comfortable and affordable too! 

>> Buy AfriSocks here.

Birkenstock Arizona Sandal

There’s no better way to start off the “best sandals” portion of our article than with the sandal whose name is synonymous with sandal greatness: Birkenstocks

In terms of function and reliability, they are like a sturdy Honda Civic. In terms of a design that is simple yet contains a subtle beauty, they are like a Rolls Royce. For those of you who lost me with the car metaphors, just know that Birkenstocks are the gold standard of sandals, and Dad deserves the best.

>> Buy Birkenstocks here.  

Teva Hurricane XLT2

Look, y’all. This sandal by Teva is named the “Hurricane.” It’s literally the coolest name for a piece of footwear ever. 

But if you need more convincing than that absolutely sick name for a sandal, you should know that Teva makes some of the most comfortable and durable sandals on the market. If you’ve got yourself an outdoorsy-dad, then he’ll be thrilled to rock these sandals like the hurricanes they are.

>> Buy Teva Hurricanes here

Pikolinos Tarifa Sandal

After an extensive search on the internet to find out what the word “Pikolinos” means yielded no results, I can only assume that it stands for “absolute class and luxury for Dad feet all over the planet.” 

These hand-sewn, breathable, fully leather sandals are perfect for a night-on-the-town-Dad who refuses to sacrifice style for comfort. 

>> Buy Pikolinos Tarifas here.

Oofos OOahh Slide Sandal

When a company’s name is an onomatopoeia, I’m not quite sure what to expect, but when it comes to Oofos, you get one of the most comfortable and supportive sandals out there! 

Made of special Oofoam-foam, these sandals offer great arch support, and they’re super shock absorbent for the Dad who wants to give some extra T.L.C. to his feet and joints. 

>> Buy Oofos OOahh Slide sandals here.

Nike Benassi Slide

Sometimes Dad just needs to step outside for a second to let out a huge far- I mean, take out the trash. For a quick task like this, a no-frills sandal that doesn’t sacrifice comfort for usability is the move.

*Cue entrance from the Nike Benassi Slide sandal

Like Nike’s slogan says, if you’re on the fence about these bad boys, “just do it.” 

>> Buy Nike Benassi Slide sandals here.

There you have it, my friends. The best socks and sandals to gift your Papa Bear this Father’s Day. In the words of my Dad when I went off to college, “Go forth, offspring, and make me proud.”