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How to Have a Galactically Cool Space-Themed Birthday Party

You'll be having way too much fun to come back down to Earth.

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

outer space birthday party ideas


Can't get enough cool cosmic space stuff? Love everything NASA? Dream of intergalactic adventures? Crazy idea here — just spitballin' — but maybe you should consider having a space-themed birthday party to bring together two of the very best things in the universe: Birthday presents, and outer space. We're here to help you get started planning a galactically fun birthday bash!

Celebrate at Cosmic CAMP

Ground control to space-loving kiddos in the New York City area: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to come to Cosmic CAMP, a brand-new intergalactic adventure and experience. You can blast off in a space shuttle, traverse fields of space lava, try our cosmic quiz show, and lots more. Best of all, you can have the outer space themed birthday party of your astronaut dreams right at CAMP! Reserve your timed-entry tickets for an intergalactic Cosmic Camp family adventure, or find out how to host your special cosmic birthday bash with us.

Step Through a Planet Balloon Archway


Launch guests from Earth to space in a matter of seconds and welcome them into a whole new galaxy with a balloon archway. Balloons are great for an outer space birthday party because they actually look like the planets — plus, they'e pretty easy to set up. Use a premade kit to build your archway or choose galaxy balloons to begin an adventure around the cosmos. 

Set Up Out-of-This-World Decorations

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Hang planets and glow-in-the-dark stars from the ceiling, or make rocket launchers for the chairs. You can even take a big black sheet and let rockets, asteroids, and UFOs float around it so it will look just like you are soaring around the galaxy. 

Moon Walk Into a Milky Way Photo Booth



If you didn't take a few photos when you went into outer space, did you actually go into orbit at all? Show off your trip around the Milky Way with a party photo booth. Fill the photo booth with space props, like an astronaut suit and helmet, moon rocks, or aliens. Decorate the background with glow-in-the-dark paint to replicate the night sky or paint the solar system to make it look like you are soaring through the galaxy.

Take Home a Piece Of The Galaxy

Galaxy Jars

Mom Dot Com

Before you return back to Earth, make your very own galaxy jar to take a little bit of space home with you. I know what you're thinking: How exactly do you bottle up the galaxy? It's all thanks to loads of cotton balls. The cotton balls mix with glitter, water, and acrylic paint to form a nebula-like effect in the jar, letting you take a piece of the galaxy with you wherever you go. 

Do Some IRL Stargazing

ferrantraite / Getty Images

ferrantraite / Getty Images

Why replicate a sky full of stars when you can head outside and see the real thing? If your party starts at dusk, you can get in some good stargazing time. Work together to see how many constellations you can find, like Orion's Belt or the Big Dipper. Who knows, maybe you'll even get lucky and spot a planet!

Try an Astronaut Taste Test


Astronaut Foods

I hate to break it to you, but the food in space isn't exactly five-star dining. To survive the trip into space and conditions in orbit, astronaut food is freeze-dried and tastes a little dry (okay, it's VERY dry!). Prep your tastebuds for some interesting textures and set up a station where you and your guests can do a taste test of the latest and greatest in space cuisine. Try out something sweet and go for an ice cream sandwich or stick with a healthier option and snack on some fruit. No matter which option you choose, your tastebuds will be in for a surprise.

Put Your Space-Name Here

Ever wonder how certain stars get their names? Well, now you can name one for yourself, thanks to the Name A Star kit. The simple kit lets you register a star from the night sky with almost any name you choose! Open the kit during the party so your guests can get in on the action and vote on a name together ("Starry McStarrypants" has a certain ring to it).

Go Alien Hunting



Quick! Aliens have invaded your party and it's up to you and your guests to capture them all. Split into teams and go on a hunt for unidentified creatures from another planet...or under the couch! Set up the hunt by placing miniature alien figurines all over your party space — hide them in cabinets, drawers, or way up high where you wouldn't think to look. At the end of the hunt, count them up and see who was the most successful in capturing the little green creatures. 

Satisfy An Astronaut’s Sweet Tooth

Houston, we have dessert! Celebrate the end of a successful space mission with some space-themed sweet treats. Go out of this world with a galaxy cake, take your tastebuds into a different universe with some galaxy cake pops, or blast off with some rocket ship cupcakes. Since it's your birthday and all, you might as well have all three on the menu.  

3, 2, 1 ... Liftoff!

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Six Clever Sisters

Time to blast off! See how far each of your guests can launch their paper rocket. Don't worry, this launch doesn't include any fire — this one is all in the lung power. Print out a tutorial for everyone and give each guest the materials needed to make their rocket. Then have everyone attach the rockets to the straws and stand in a line. On the count of three, watch the rockets blast off and see watch which one goes the furthest. 

Hunt Moon Rocks Galore


Domestic Charm

If you've ever wanted to get your hands on a moon rock, now's your chance. Go on a hunt around your yard and see how many moon rocks you can collect. While they won't actually be the real thing, you'll still be pretty excited to spot them. To make your very own moon rocks, take leftover plastic Easter eggs and wrap them in tinfoil — you can even put a prize inside if you would like! The tinfoil wraps around the egg to give it a crinkle-like rock look, just like "real" moon rocks.

Test Your Space Trivia



​​Do you know how many pounds of moon rocks were brought back to Earth during the Apollo Missions? Who the first person was to land on the Moon? Do you know how many moons Jupiter has? Put your space skills to the test with a round of space trivia. Split your guests into teams and see who knows the most about the Milky Way.

Quench Your Thirst


In the Kids Kitchen

At this party, even the drinks have a little cosmic energy running through them. This color-changing galaxy lemonade gets its galactic look from butterfly pea powder and turns your beverage into a swirl of colors. If you have a smaller party, let everyone make their own drink to see the colors change right before their eyes. For a larger crowd, make a big batch and watch everyone's reaction when they grab a cup. 

Design Your Own Constellation



There are 88 constellations floating high in the night sky — now's your chance to make it 89. To design your own constellation, all you need is black construction paper and white crayons or paint sticks ... and of course, some interstellar inspiration. Play a space-themed party game of connecting the dots, or you can even make an edible 3D model of your constellations using mini marshmallows and pretzel sticks. 

NASA Kit Goody Bags

Just because you've completed your space mission doesn't mean the cosmic fun has to stop. Send your astronauts in training home with a goody bag full of NASA-approved items. Fill the bags with galaxy bouncy balls, planet stickers, spaced-themed bookmarks, or galaxy notebooks and pens.