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Spend the Day Just Like an Astronaut and Get Lost In Space

Ever wondered what, exactly, astronauts do all day? Besides float in space? We've got answers.

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

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Houston, do you copy? Get ready to spend the day just like an astronaut. Learn all about what astronauts eat, how they train, and most importantly, how they have fun! With this guide, you’ll be ready to head right to Cape Canaveral to hop on the next rocket to the International Space Station. Don't forget to pack a lunch.

Suit Up

Have you checked your messages? NASA reached out and wants you on the next mission into space. But first, you have a few important supplies to pull together. Let’s start with a spacesuit. Since we’re still in training, you don’t need to get super technical with the spacesuit. Keep things comfy with a jumpsuit complete with the NASA logo.

Astronaut Training


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Time to grab your helmet and head to astronaut training. First on the training list: Learning how to get used to zero gravity. While floating in zero Gs is a hard experience to replicate in your kitchen, this space box activity is a fun way to test what it feels like to work in zero gravity, just like astronauts work in space. Stick your hands into the gloves and see if you can put together the puzzles in the box — it may take a few tries, but that's what training is all about!

Think Like an Astronaut


The Astronaut Test

Next, it’s time to put your mind to the test: Head over to the Astronaut Test and see if you're well-suited to the job. The online quiz is based on real-life NASA psychological aptitude tests and official NASA Astronaut Candidate requirements. You'll learn whether you're the ideal age and height, and which skills are especially valuable for real-life astronauts (speak any Russian?). Plus you can test yourself with fun logic and spatial-analysis puzzles to see if you really think like an astronaut!

Space Watch



Now that you’ve worked on your skills, it’s time to watch some training videos. Head on over to the couch, dim the lights, and spend some time watching your favorite movies all about space. Learn all about NASA and the incredible women in Hidden Figures, watch WALL·E save the planet in the animated classic, or see how friendly aliens can be in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

Fuel Up!


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After a morning of training, give yourself a chance to refuel with some space-themed snacks. Disclaimer: food in space isn’t super tasty, so you might as well indulge in some sweets while you're on land. Start off with a galaxy mocktail and some chocolate galaxy bark. If you still have room, blast off right into some galaxy cake pops designed to look just like swirling stars.

Want to really see what space food is like? Start off simple with some homemade astronaut “ice cream.” The ice cream is actually meringue cookies. The cookies mimic the freeze-dried texture of space food, so it’s perfect to try out so you can get used to the space diet. Teach Beside Me adds mint into her cookies to make mint ice cream, but feel free to use other extracts and flavoring to make different kinds of “ice cream.”

To the Craft Table — and Beyond!


Adventure in a Box

Sure, it’s important to have math and engineering skills in space, but it’s also important to have creative skills. You’ll never know when you need to find a solution or need some crafting skills aboard the ISS. Plus, crafting will help you practice your fine motor skills, which will come in handy during every spacewalk.

Start off with a craft that will double as a star map and make some Planet Puppets. This craft will help you keep all of the planets in line, just in case you need a refresher. Once you’ve got the planets covered, work on the sun with a stained glass space suncatcher. Don’t forget about the stars! This starry night art card will help you prepare for what you’ll see right outside your window once you blast off into space.

On-the-Fly Training

Just because the space-filled day is over doesn't mean the astronaut activities have to stop. Continue your problem-solving skills and keep your memory focused with an Outer Space Secret Picture Puzzle. The colorful and bright puzzle will help you keep your skills sharp. When you’ve finished the 42-piece puzzle, move on to a more difficult challenge and see how fast you can complete a 60-piece space-themed puzzle.

Need to take your training on the go? It’s never been easier than with the Outer Space Activity Pack. The kit easily packs up into a mini suitcase, so you can bring your space skills in the car, to your BFF's house, or grandma and grandpa’s house. 

Come Play in Space!

Finally, put all of your skills to the test at Cosmic CAMP! The space-filled exploration lets navigate alien terrain with a rover, explore lava fields, and decode ice crystals. It’s time to blast off! You’re not going to want to miss this out-of-this-world experience!