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10 Fun Ways to Surprise Someone on Their Birthday

Is there someone special you want to surprise for their birthday? Here are 10 ideas to help you nail your sneaky mission!

Matt Harvey


Birthdays are like someone’s own personal New Year, and there’s no charge more sacred than being responsible for making a person’s birthday more special. That doesn’t always mean a surprise, but when it does, you want that surprise to be a memorable one! With that in mind, here are 10 super-fun, creative ways to do a birthday surprise that’s more extra than just jumping out from behind the couch and yelling SURPRISE! (Although that's fun, too.) 

Breakfast Birthday Surprise



Imagine groggily greeting the day expecting a bowl of cereal and being met with your absolute favorite breakfast spread instead! That’s exactly how a special birthday boy or girl should start their day. 

Birthday Royalty for a Day



This one can be as elaborate as a fully planned and prepared adventure or as simple as a “yes” day. Talk to your neighbors and get them to greet the birthday friend as royalty, then set a reservation at a favorite restaurant and ask the staff to play along. You may want to establish some ground rules with this one — nobody likes a power-drunk royal!

Go Somewhere Surprising



Tell the birthday friend that you’re going to do something mundane and then pull the ol’ switcheroo skiddoo and go somewhere fun instead. Go to a museum, a movie, a show, to the park — it can be anywhere really. Check out neighborhood event calendars to see if there are any serendipitous sync-ups. 

Take a Birthday Surprise Trip to CAMP



If you’re lucky enough to be near a CAMP store — come to CAMP! Each of our stores is a great place to play, shop, make a craft, see a show, or have an ice cream! Is a shameless plug shameless if it’s true?

Go Full Ferris


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Work shmerk, school schmool — take the day off and party like it’s somebody’s birthday! There’s something liberating about shirking responsibility in the name of a good time. Even if it doesn't involve leading a dance party at a parade downtown.

Make a Surprise Birthday Video



Solicit family and friends to send you short video clips to wish the special someone a happy birthday! Stitch those videos together and you’ve got a great keepsake that's fun to share and rewatch.

Birthday Surprise Playdate



Birthdays are more fun with friends! Organize a surprise birthday playdate at home, or at a super-fun destination like a waterpark. 

Birthday Surprise Balloon Room



Get a lot of balloons and prepare to cramp your cheeks — a room filled with balloons is the mission! This is a hair-raising delight that is sure to bring absolute joy!

Birthday Surprise Family Zoom



It’s hard to get everyone in the same place — so go 2020 and do it remote with Zoom! Birthday Zooms are surprisingly fun and even the most distant of relatives can join in on the celebration! And why not play some fun Zoom party games while you're at it? Here’s a list of good ones.

Birthday Surprise Game Night



Invite some friends over, prep some snacks, and get ready to play some board games. Birthday boys and girls get to choose the game!

Plan Your Birthday at CAMP!

Have your best birthday ever with the fun-loving crew at CAMP! Our party pros and fun-filled stores and experiences make it easy.