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The Best Kid Jobs For Having Fun and Earning Real Actual Money

Looking to make some extra pocket money? Earn some dollars — and have fun while doing it — with these kid-friendly jobs you'll love!

Maria Bailey · 6 months ago

best jobs for kids


We'll let you in on a little secret: Money doesn't grow on trees! Not even "paper money" for that matter, which (fun fact) is actually made of 75% cotton and 25% linen fibers, but we digress! The point is, working for your own hard-earned money can give you an amazing sense of pride and independence — and, depending on the job, it can be downright fun! We've rounded up a list of great jobs for kids that are not only a lot of fun but also (sssh...) teach a thing or two about an honest day's work.

Lawn Mowing

best jobs for kids lawn mowing


Best for: Kids ages 12 and up who love being outside and have permission to operate a lawn mower! This job is for anyone who loves the instant gratification of a freshly-cut lawn — and for anyone partial to the smell of freshly cut grass! 

Not for: Kids with allergies (no thanks, pollen)! Or anyone who is particularly sun-averse. Tip 101: plenty of sunscreen and summer hats are essential when undertaking lawn mowing tasks. 

You could make: Approximately $5 to $10 per hour depending on the size of the job and where you live. 

How to get started: Word of mouth is a surefire way to line up more lawn mowing jobs! Enlist the help of grown-ups to ask around and speak to neighbors who might need any help with their spring and summertime yard work. Establish a schedule and get answers to any questions you might have, like whose equipment will be used on the job and the best times of day to fire up the mower (tip: not while the baby is napping).

Yard Work

best jobs for kids yard work


Best for: Kids ages 9 and up! While not old enough to operate a lawn mower, 9-year-olds can certainly learn their way around a rake. Cleaning up any grass clippings or leaves is a great job for kids of this age. So is learning how to use a garden hose to water plants. Yard work is ideal for kids who are in their element tinkering in the garden. 

Not for: Allergy sufferers! Raking up leaves will also agitate the pollen in the air — and symptoms.

You could make: Around $5 per hour depending on the size of the yard and the going rate in your area.

How to get started: Many of the same tips apply when it comes to marketing your yard work services! Tell your friends, family, and neighbors about your new work endeavor. With your folks’ blessing, hand out flyers or advertise your services on community bulletin boards. And, when discussing the terms of the job, make sure to establish whose — and which — tools will be used to carry out your work.

Dog Walking

best jobs for kids dog walker


Best for: Kids ages 10 and up who LOVE dogs and understand the responsibility of caring for someone's beloved pet! Enjoying long walks around the neighborhood — with a furry companion — is a must. 

Not for: Kids who have dog allergies! Or who are opposed to being on pooper scooper duty (someone's gotta do it)! 

You could make: Around $10 per day, depending on where you live.

How to get started: Know anyone with dogs? Put the word out to friends and family that you're in search of dog walking opportunities. Dog owners also know dog owners, so regardless of whether they're looking for a dog walker or not, chances are they'll put out a good word for you when making small talk with friends at the local dog park. Hang posters on local bulletin boards and hand out flyers to neighbors. Once you have a job lined up, establish a dog walking routine, any behavioral issues the dog might have, and how the dog interacts with other dogs.

Pet Sitter

best jobs for kids pet sitting


Best for: Depending on the tasks involved, kids as young as 9 years old can carry out pet sitting duties. This is an ideal job for someone who adores all animals — and caring for them. In other words, you're not a cat or dog person — you're a cat AND dog person. Making sure pets have food and water is absolutely essential, so someone who is responsible is an absolute must. Pet sitting is a great introductory job for anyone looking to make some extra pocket money for the first time — and be around adorable animals in the process!

Not for: Those with pet allergies! Or anyone not comfortable around pets and the, ahem, messes they sometimes make.

You could make: $5 to $10 per day, depending on the tasks, and the going rate in your neighborhood. 

How to get started: Advertise your pet sitting services with family, friends, and neighbors! It’s much easier to acquire more business if you have a pre-existing relationship with pet owners. You get bonus points if you know their pets! If you're pet sitting for people and pets you've never met before, schedule a time to get to know them beforehand (with mom or dad in tow). This is a great opportunity to interact with the pet in the presence of each other's families. Go over the pet sitting duties with the pet owner and ask any questions you might have. Does the pet have any allergies? What are the portion sizes for each feeding? Any behavioral issues you need to know about?

Car Washing

best jobs for kids car washing


Best for: Kids of ALL ages — albeit with varying degrees of thoroughness! Cars need to be handled with care, meaning parental supervision is strongly advised for the littlest car washers. Kids ages 12 and above are best suited to the doing the job on their own, since it requires a heightened need of responsibility, caution, and care to avoid scratching or denting another person's car. Plus, the ideal candidate must be a lover of bubbles — lots of bubbles. 

Not for: Someone who's not afraid to put in some elbow grease and get a little wet in the process. 

You could make: Around $10 depending on your area. If you wash 10 cars, that's $100 in your piggy bank! 

How to get started: Different job, same drill! Hand out flyers to people in the neighborhood, hang posters on bulletin boards, and ask mom or dad to put in a good word with the neighbors. Better yet, get permission from your parents to set up a car wash station in your driveway. Start by washing the family car and stick a “car wash” sign out front in the hopes of attracting customers with your impressive car washing skills!

Lemonade Stand

best jobs for kids lemonade stand


Best for: Kids of any age! The lemonade stand has been a long-standing tradition among kids for generations, but the valuable lessons of entrepreneurship and American hustle still ring true. Get ready to deliver your best lemonade sales pitch to potential customers on the sidewalk. 

Not for: Someone who doesn’t have a positive can-do attitude, because, as the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. 

You could make: 50 cents to $1 per lemonade depending on the size of the cup.

How to get started: Setting up your own lemonade stand is all part of the fun, and it all starts with the star of the show: lemonade! Multiply this kid-friendly lemonade recipe depending on how many servings you would like to make. While your fresh lemonade is being chilled in the fridge, get started on creating an eye-catching lemonade stand sign to attract customers! Find a perfect spot on the sidewalk, and get ready for showtime!