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The Definitive Ranking of Every Episode of “WandaVision”

With the full first season now on Disney+, let’s take a moment to revisit the MCU’s Phase Four opener and first-ever TV series! What’s happened so far, what it was inspired by, and what theories have emerged as a result.

Graham Steinberg


Marvel Studios

9. “Don’t Touch That Dial”


Marvel Studios

In part two of the pilot, Wanda and Vision attempt to keep the people of Westview fooled by covering up their powers as part of a magic act in the town’s talent show. Seeing Vision get “drunk” because a piece of gum gets caught in his internal mechanisms was quite hilarious. This episode has a ‘60s setting that’s primarily inspired by the show Bewitched, including an animated opening credits sequence and the premise of trying to live an everyday suburban life with magical powers (plus, you know, the whole Scarlet Witch thing). The pilot doesn’t give fan theorists a ton to work with, but we do get the first appearances of Monica Rambeau (as Geraldine) and Jimmy Woo, so it’s clear that the real world is starting to seep in.

8. “Now in Color”


After first witnessing the actual transition between eras, we’re now in the 1970s with a Brady Bunch-inspired episode. Wanda also just happens to be several months pregnant! In this episode, there were some pretty intense moments with Agnes and Herb looking terrified and the serious encounter where Wanda forces Monica back into the real world after she mentions Pietro. This episode got fans questioning Wanda’s motivations for the first time. Could she be the real villain of the series?

7. “Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience”


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As an MCU fan, walking into the pilot of WandaVision felt like a whole new ballgame. It’s a far cry from Iron Man and even Avengers: Endgame, and it was instantly clear that the universe is about to get a lot weirder. Bring it on! Vision quickly takes up the mantle of comic relief, and his sing-along at the dinner party with the Harts was a laugh-out-loud moment. We transition between the (actual) live studio audience and cinematic landscape when Mr. Hart begins to question the newlyweds, fantastically setting up how the show plays with film formats. Dick Van Dyke consulted with the production team on this episode, and it shows.

6. “Previously On”


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In the penultimate episode, WandaVision eschews the sitcom set-up entirely in favor of a sort of retrospective catch-up of the series, which doubles as Wanda’s origin story. A lot of this is stuff MCU fans are already well aware of, but finally giving Wanda some more background helps her character’s growth, especially within the larger MCU franchise. Agatha becomes the real villain of the series at this point, debunking many other fan theories floating around out there. Still, questions linger, like the all-white Vision’s identity (Maybe we’ll even see a Vision-on-Vision battle in the finale?) and the identity of the mysterious actor Paul Bettany has been teasing (are we getting a big Benedict Cumberbatch cameo to lead into Doctor Strange). WandaVision has generally opted to subvert expectations rather than make massive reveals by this point, but all will be revealed this week.

5. “Breaking the Fourth Wall”


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In our Modern Family episode, we finally learn that Monica’s contact was… just some person. But that’s okay. She also finally gets her Spectrum powers in an incredible scene. Meanwhile, Vision is on the outskirts of town, continuing his investigation and doing lots of really hilarious cutaways. The instant classic “Agatha All Along” song at the end was also great, although it threw cold water on any of the theories around Pietro. It looks like he may just be some person too.

4. "The Series Finale"


If Vision can shed a tear, so can I! Oh man, this episode really brought everything together. Both answering all our questions and subverting a good majority of our expectations. The dynamic between Vision and Wanda is in full form here and the actors behind these roles finally get to really dig into those meaty character moments they often don't have the opportunity to perform while part of a larger ensemble. We've entirely eschewed any remaining sitcom elements (just like last week) but get those "epic" moments Kevin Feige promised the series would lead too. Plus lots of forward thinking. Is Monica going to meet Nick Fury in space? Will White Vision return? Is Wanda going to be corrupted by the Darkhold? As is always the case with the MCU, there is still more to come.

3. “All-New Halloween Spooktacular”


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Who is Pietro? That was the big question during this Malcolm in the Middle-themed episode. He appears to have lost his memories, so he could really be anyone. References to “demon spawn” also play into the theory that he is 2Mephisto, the Marvel Universe’s devil character. As the town prepares for Halloween, Wanda questions her magically reemerging brother while Vision, now aware that something is wrong, begins to investigate the town’s outer edges. He learns that those on the outskirts are trapped in their bodies, going through the motions of background characters day in and day out. We also find Agnes stuck on the edge, which was intended to disprove that she was actually Agatha Harkness, although we later learned it was a ruse. The end was pretty wild too, with Wanda rapidly expanding her hex walls in a moment that felt eerily similar to a particular House of M storyline.

2. “We Interrupt This Program”


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Jumping away from the sitcom shenanigans, we get a bit of a catch-up on Monica Rambeau. She will play a significant role in the MCU moving forward, and Teyonah Parris is perfect for this grounded and resilient performance. I loved seeing more of the fallout from the Blip. I feel like we generally haven’t gotten enough of the aftermath from Infinity War/Endgame, and I am all here for more of it. Jimmy Woo also becomes an even better character here, and I am hoping for an Agents of Atlas series after this. Who is Monica’s contact? That’s what we all wanted to know for the next few episodes. It appears to have just been an engineer she knew, but I am still holding out hope to see Reed Richards played by John Krasinski. Why else would Kevin Feige reference an Office-themed episode and have Vision do Jim’s signature look?

1. “On a Very Special Episode…”


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Okay, let’s start with the obvious. The biggest “oh my gosh” moment in the entire series came at the end of this episode when the Fox X-Men Universe Pietro Maximoff shows up at Wanda’s door in the biggest recasting since Vivian Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Obviously, this one led to lots of theories. Is Wanda (or someone else) opening up the multiverse? Are the X-Men coming sooner than we thought? Is Pietro Mephisto in disguise? At this point, most of these theories seem to have been disproven by Agatha’s big reveal, but with one episode left, you never know. But there was a lot more to this episode than the final minute. Wanda and Vision’s growing intensity gives us a lot to chew on and helps develop their great dynamic. It was also fascinating to watch Vision begin to see the cracks in his perfect sitcom life.