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The Great Summer Game Generator

Try these swaps and twists for classic games to generate endless summer fun!

Margo Gothelf · 6 months ago

Article Thumb Games 1920x1080

Heeral Chhibber

Summertime is still in full swing, so it just makes sense to spend your days outside playing games. While you can stick to classic outdoor games like kickball, tag, or capture the flag, you can also switch it up and create your own game. 

Not sure where to start? No problem! Use CAMP’s handy-dandy Summer Game Generator to create a brand new summer game that’s different every time you play. 

Game #1: Ball Swap

Article Inline Games 1

One way to make a standard regulation ball game a little more interesting is to swap out the main ball for something completely different! Some ball games might work pretty seamlessly with a different type of ball, while others may require a little creativity — and a sense of humor. 

Try this formula for generating a whole new ball game — and check out our guides to classic ball games and classic outdoor games if you’re not sure of the rules!

Ball Swap, Step 1: Choose the game to play based on the birthday month of the youngest player.

Artboard 11 copy 2

Ball Swap, Step 2: Choose the ball to swap in based on the first letter of someone’s name.

Artboard 11 copy

For example, if you have a January birthday and your name is David, it looks like you’re about to play a game of kickball with a golf ball. Hope your aim is good!

Game #2: No Running Allowed

No Running Allowed

Running is a pretty standard component of most summertime games — running the bases in baseball, down the court in basketball, and through the field during a game of tag. But what happens when running is against the rules — and you have to find a new way to move? Find out for yourself with the formula below!

No Running Allowed, Step 1: Choose the game to play based on the birthday of the oldest player.

No Running

No Running Allowed, Step 2: Move like this instead of running!

No Running, Step 1

For example, let’s say it’s Thursday afternoon at the park and the oldest friend in your group was born in January. It looks like you’re playing a game of tag with crab-walking. Get ready to move those pincers fast! 

Game #3: Mashup

Mashup Game

Two games are better than one! In this mashup, you’ll combine two different games and see how they can work together to form the ultimate summertime entertainment. To find out what games you’ll combine, add up the number of letters in your name and the day of the month you were born on. 

Mashup Step 1: Choose a game based on the number of letters in your name

Artboard 11 copy 4

Mashup Step 2: Combine with a game based on your birthday

Mashup Step 2

For example, if your name has five letters in it, then kickball is your sport. If you were born on the 16th, it looks like you’re mashing it up with baseball. 

You can make up your own rules for mashed-up games (that’s half of the fun, after all), but here are some ideas for ways to combine them: 

Soccer + Basketball Play soccer, but instead of kicking the ball into a net, you kick it into a basket or a hoop!

Kickball + Basketball Instead of kicking a ball to run the bases, you have to score a basket instead. 

Tennis + Basketball Play basketball with a tennis ball, or bounce a basketball from one side of the net to the other on a tennis court.

Dance + Soccer, Kickball, or Tennis Do your best dance moves while playing basically any game!

Soccer or Kickball + Freeze Tag Designate a “human iceberg” to run around on the field freezing players on both teams until another team member can unfreeze them.

Game #4: Triple Threat

Triple Threat

If two games weren’t enough for a mashup, how about adding in a third? Not all of these games have similar elements, so you’ll have to be extra creative to make them work! Pick the game based on your favorite season, favorite color, and the first letter of your last name. 

Triple Threat, Step 1: Pick a game based on your favorite season

Artboard 11 copy 6

Triple Threat, Step 2: Mash it up with a game based on your favorite color

Triple Threat

Triple Threat, Step 3: Add in a game based on your last name

Triple Threat

For example, if you love the spring, the color green, and your name begins with the letter J, it looks like you are playing a game of hide and seek soccer catch. Need some ideas for what to do? Start with hide and seek and assign a seeker. Once the seeker finds you, you must then score a goal using a soccer ball and then have a game of category catch with the seeker without dropping the ball ten times in a row to go “free.” 

With these game-generating formulas you can play infinite variations on your favorite summer games — so get out there and play!